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  1. jdconn01

    James's 2007 Ford Edge SEL

    Here she is, the newest addition to the family.
  2. jdconn01

    New wheels On Edge 2

    Yeah I'm not afraid to say I'm particular in spot cleaning everything on it, got to keep it fresh looking!
  3. jdconn01

    After A cleaning (2 Of 2)

    Brought up the clarity slider in Lightroom, though I should of worked on it in Photoshop to remove the big sun spot. Still a good picture.
  4. jdconn01

    After A cleaning (1 Of 2)

    Thanks! The 20" rims seem to fit in nicely.
  5. jdconn01

    New wheels On Edge 1

    Yes 20", sorry for not geting back with you sooner. If a notification was sent to my email I would of responded quicker.
  6. jdconn01

    Which rim would you think looks better?

    After getting back and settled I went about getting these 20's on the Edge, here's a few pictures- Somethings I found interesting after the install- The TPMS didn't require a reset, the tires had the bands installed prior to shipping along with a reset tool. Regardless I'm keeping the reset tool in the glove box in case it ever comes on on the dashboard. The Edge took 20's with no issues, I was expecting some new road noise but it's a quite ride. The speedometer is still accurate. Still don't quite get this, but I tested it with a GPS tracking my speed and it matched perfectly with the Edge's own readings. That's it for now, I want to get some good video up at some point. That and more pics, but not for this thread since it's pretty much complete. Thanks again for the kind comments and guidance, really enjoying the new fuller look in the tirewells and overall style added to my Edge.
  7. jdconn01

    Which rim would you think looks better?

    Been awhile, just wanted to post a update on the wheels. I went with the American Racing 20" wheel package, had them ordered last month and is waiting in the garage for me once I get home. Still got till June till I get back, once I get them on and everything looking nice expect another update with better pictures. Here's a couple pics my wife took. Granted she isn't to keen in getting the best angle, this is what she took after I emailed her to get a good front view of the wheel. http://imgur.com/a/wlbGO
  8. jdconn01

    Which rim would you think looks better?

    Have to apologize if I'm not commenting as often as I would like too, but at least I keep checking in on this thread to see what the general opinion is for the two choices. Interesting enough it's looking like the general choice is for the American Racing wheel package. Like I mentioned earlier I'll post which one I purchase in May and get some pictures up in June once I get home and put them all on.
  9. jdconn01

    Which rim would you think looks better?

    Thanks for the feedback so far everyone, as it stands three people say go for the Lorenzo while four say the American Racing is the better choice. I still have time till I order them, about 2 months really. I'll make sure to keep checking the thread for any new feedback and let you all know which ones I ordered once May comes around. Thanks for the kind military comments, its been hard on the family with me going on deployments every other year, but hopefully there's going to be less of those if DoD keeps with its plan on Afghanistan.
  10. Here's how my 2007 Edge looks now: At the moment I'm away on deployment till June, the plan is to order a wheel package from Tire Rack a month out from me returning home. In the mean time I'm trying to decide which rims would look best on my Edge. Here's the two: Lorenzo 20" WL27 -$389 a rim and weighing in at 35.4 pounds. Then there's the American Racing Mainline 20" costing only $234 a rim and weighing slightly less at 34.6. I'm not too concerned with the price difference between the two, I could really use the help on which one would closest match the Edge's style and color. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide!
  11. appreiate the info, i'll make sure to post pictures or video of some "before and after" treatments.
  12. I live in the Puget Sound area of Washington were its mostly imclement weather throughout the year, which sucks if you're wanting to maintain a clean appreance on your Edge. What I've been doing is on a weekly basis is washing and drying my Edge then applying Meguiar's G17516 Ultimate Quik Wax to the body and RainX to the exterior glass surfaces. Its a helluva chore to go through and normaly takes me a couple of hours to get everything applyed only to see the water and grime accumlate after about four days of driving. It helps that the Edge is stored in the garage at night but during the normal work day its sitting out in the elements which is probley wearing away the coatings I've applied. My question is if there's any wax or rain beading brand that'll last me longer than a week of daily rain? I've been to a local car wash where they've used a RainX coating on the body that does a great job but dosent last much longer than the stuff I've been using at the house, surely there's something that'll keep the Edge's body water slick longer than a week right?
  13. jdconn01


    Are those stock or after market rims :shades: ? If their aftermarket whats the brand, would be great to get something like those on my edge :D .
  14. jdconn01

    Gibson dual exhaust plus some more

    Going to be checking in on this thread, hope to see some good video once you get all this put together!
  15. jdconn01

    Sirius radio

    Recently bought a used 2007 Edge and having the same problems with getting it to activate. I've called sirius but there's nothing they can do, I've also called the ford dealership and they gave me the number to the company that repairs the radio unit. They gave me the same answer, "the unit needs to be replaced". I find it hard to believe that the unit is defective, this is more a software issue that can be fixed with the right knowledge. Until I figure out if its possible to fix I'll just do what avediswolf did and just resend the activitation signal. In case it helps anyone with 6 cd changer sterio, when on the SAT channel press AUX 2 to enter the diag menu. Just press the key combo to alternate between the different options.