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    Penguin Joke

  2. RaggedyEdge

    Better Living through Modern Medicine

    There are two items here for this evenings enjoyment. http://www.thefatbastardonline.com/NEWDRUGOXYCLINTON.wmv http://www.thefatbastardonline.com/tryphorgetin.wmv
  3. RaggedyEdge

    The Other Bush Daughter

    :party2: Oh Yes! "The Boys Gone Wild" scenario.
  4. RaggedyEdge

    Bob Hope Clip

    How about a nice little Bob Hope Joke Clip? http://www.thefatbastardonline.com/movieline.wmv
  5. RaggedyEdge

    The Other Bush Daughter

    :shades: Offend anyone. Most assurredly NOT. I have a more aprropriate Avatar. Think about it. XO Annie :shades: Edit: You knew I'd find a better one. Appropriate for the Halloween Holiday. Change is Good. Thanks for reminding me. XO Annie
  6. RaggedyEdge

    The Other Bush Daughter

    :shades: Do you mean like Mama Bush? Or my Mama? XO Annie
  7. RaggedyEdge

    Arizona DUI decoy

    :shades: Damn. Bet I took his parking space. Annie
  8. RaggedyEdge

    The Other Bush Daughter

    :stop: Geez!! I was just hoping to have some fun with y'all. Didn't want to wake up the "anti-anything bush haters". Do we hate Bush so much that even making a joke at his expense is fair game for more hate speech? Get over it people his term is up. Do you really want him to die and leave the "Dick" in charge? Think about that a while in your stew pot. So how about a nice patriotic Clinton daughter? Will that sooth the savage beasts? XO Annie
  9. RaggedyEdge

    Switch from GM

    Didn't I read somewhere that the Oakville Plant was in Canada? Well I guess that is almost American Happy Halloween :yup: Annie
  10. RaggedyEdge

    Halloween Treat

    http://www.bluemountain.com/view.pd?i=1495...p;source=bma999 Hope you'll enjoy the attached link. :yup: Halloween Fun. Annie
  11. RaggedyEdge

    Bra for your Edge?

    Bra on an EDGE? Did you think. Just Maybe. It's kind of like the Wonder Woman?
  12. RaggedyEdge

    Wheels, tires and springs

  13. RaggedyEdge

    Just picked up my 2008 Limited (almost Loaded)

    Not sure about an EDGE with 18 wheels, But this is a Chevy with 16. Enjoy. Annie