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  1. Thin Line, My issue is similar except instead of a wife it is a 12 year old who is reaching for his backpack/trumpet/computer. He hops out and grabs the handle and nothing....He doesn't "C'mon" me he just keeps yanking on the handle til I push the button....Its annoying. So if anyone has a solution I am all ears!
  2. Shoegal2634

    Power outlets always stay on!

    So is there a way to have the outlet shut down when the car shuts off? Or will I have to have my garmin hardwired? I really don't want to forget to unplug it and wake up to a dead car because I forgot to unplug. I would rather the outlet just shut down when I shut off the car..... Shoegal2634
  3. Help! I just got a 2007 Ford Edge and I need some help..... I want to know if there is a way to program the car to open all of the locks when either the drivers door OR the passenger door is opened?? I hate it when I hop out of the car and run around to the rear passenger side to grab something and the doors are still locked! I want all of the locks to open when EITHER the driver or passenger doors are opened and the car is in park. Is that possible? I am guessing there is some combination of the Autolock and Autounlock features that I am missing.....But I just can't figure it out. Can someone explain it to me like I am a 3rd grader? (which I am not I swear!) Thanks! Shoegal2634