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  1. I am confused, should I use reg. or premium. Dealer has to
  2. leehsm

    2011 Edge ready to purchase ??

    Thanks for quick replies, so far deal sounds legit. Will be getting OTD costs in next couple days
  3. leehsm

    2011 Edge ready to purchase ??

    Fox Ford Zip 49512 color - Black vin.. b51066
  4. Appreciate comments on this x-plan deal.. Edge SEL AWD 202a MSRP $35,825 with X-Plan $ 34,024 Plus tax and minus a $ 1,500 rebate. I have not seen a copy of the invoice yet and the rebate seems low to me .
  5. leehsm

    buying new 2011 Edge

    How so you find out the X-Plan price BEFORE visiting dealer???
  6. leehsm

    buying new 2011 Edge

    Thanks for your reply. Being new I was not sure of the proper procedure when using the X-Plan.
  7. New to Forum and would like to know if it's advisable to try to get best deal before letting dealer know that the the X-Plan may be an option. ???