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    Sync Bluetooth

    I have a 2008 MKX and I am not able to get the bluetooth to stay on. I go in and turn bluetooth on, just as the printed sync directions say, press OK and the radio comes back on and then when I hit phone, it states "bluetooth off" flashes, "bluetooth on/off?", hit on and ok and the problem starts again. I have done all the uploads that I can and the only thing that is available is a dealer upload to Version 1.3. Suggestions?
  2. peterjo2

    Tire Road Noise

    The only solution is new tires. this is a very common problem for Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX, ask your tire dealer and he will tell you that this occurs around 40K and by 55K you cant hardly sit in the car. Whenm you replace the tires you have to also get a four wheel alignment. I suspect that the alignment for the rear tires is easily damaged and as such the tires start to cup, you can actually see the cupping on the rear tires, mine is in the shop now getting two new rear tires for a total of $492 for the tires and alignment, when I dropped the car off there was one sitting there just like mine and the dealer said its very common for those vehicles.