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  1. will the power point connections still discharge battery, if connected to ipod, even after turning off the engine and remove the key in Ford Edge 2011 SEL ? my 2005 honda odyssey turn off all power points after turn off the engine and remove the key from the Dashboard.
  2. Is there any option available to control my Ipod using factory radio. I have an Edge 2011 SEL with auxilliary input, . (No my ford touch or Sync, no USB) This is a used car I recently bought. Is their an option to add Sync option now, My ford dealer saying they never done that kind of work. Is there any other option other than Sync available, I researched a lot, but some after- market adapters are available but only for the previous model, not for the 2011. If any body have any solution I really appreciate your information. Thank you
  3. I recently bought a 2011 Edge, SEL, AWD. (26K). No Sync, no Myford touch) the issue I am facing now, the Message centre (the dash board in between the tachometer and speedo meter), keep resetting randomly during the driving. I have to stop the vehicle and wait for couple minutes and restart the car, some times that fix the issue, but again it coming back very randomly .. any body have same experience, or any solutions, thank in advance.