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  1. r67_vette

    Losing power

    enigma-2 Thanks for your response. I changed the fluid in the rear, but not the trans last year. There is no drain plug in the AWD power transfer unit so not sure how to get that changed. Air filter is good. Guess I will try a can of the Techron. Per the last 2k miles I have averaged 40 mph with a 21 mpg average per the information panel Gary
  2. r67_vette

    Losing power

    Greeting 2008 Edge SEL 3.5l Auto AWD 120k miles At 85k I installed new plugs and air filter. Lately I've noticed the trans has been downshifting to maintain speed going up hills that previously it just stayed in high gear. I have noticed at times the trans has actually shifted down 2 gears. This is happening with cruise control on so I would think that my right foot has nothing to do with this. Is it time to change the plugs again? TIA Gary
  3. r67_vette

    2008 3.5l water pump

    Greeting I am the second owner of 2008 Edge SE AWD that I bought off the initial lessee in 2011. Currently it has ~115k miles. I understand this engine has an internally driven water pump that if it fails is could allow water into the oil. Is there any recommended mileage to change the water pump? Any other PM that I should look into as we really like this car and it is our snowbird transportation 😎. Currently I'm still doing much of my own mechanical work, although I did take it back to the dealership for a new valve body in the trans. thanks Gary
  4. r67_vette

    2008 Edge SEL no heat drivers side

    The dealership said they tried to flush my heater core (which is what Ford techs told them to do) and still no heat on drivers side. Like Paul I do not have dual zone heat. When they said they had to replace the heater core I ask that I could have the old core as I could not wrap my head around how the passenger side would heat and no heat on the drivers side when both sides are using the same heater core. When I went back to pick up the Edge after the repair the service manager said that the mechanic did not see the note to save the heater core and it was thrown away. I thought looking at the core would give me some idea of the problem but I do not know anything more now than I did before the problem was fixed. I do have plenty of heat on both sides since the repair. The car is going back to the dealer next month because the gasket between the dash and the windshield is coming out. Gary
  5. r67_vette

    2008 Edge SEL no heat drivers side

    I finally broke down and while my Edge was at the dealer for the air bag recall I had them check out the heater. They said the core was blocked and $800 later it was replaced and now I have plenty of heat. I questioned the blockage as I had taken the Edge in for a coolant flush recall years ago. They had no real answer so now I'm wondering how long until this new heater core gets blocked. Gary
  6. Greetings I have seen this topic posted with replies of what to try but I can't seem to find anyone who says what they did to fix the problem. Towards the end of last winter I could not get heat on the drivers side but passenger side was good. Drivers side just blew cool/cold air. A few years ago I had the cooling system flushed and fluid replaced per a recall from Ford. The other day I took the car out and with an ambient temp of 78 degrees I was only able to register 107 on the drivers side and 149 on the passenger side. The A/C registered 46 degrees on both side. I do not have the dual heat control, one setting controls both driver and passenger sides. Any ideas? thanks Gary
  7. Greeting, my 2008 edge SEL no longer has heat on the driver side, passenger side if fine. When I first turn the heater on it seems to start heating on the drivers side but eventually stops blowing hot air. Car has < 100k and I had the cooling system flushed and replaced on a recall a few years ago and there was no problem then. With an ambient temp of 78 degrees the passenger vent registers 149 degrees while I only register 107 on the drivers side. With A/C on both sides register 46 degrees. I have read a number of write ups about this problem but I can not recall any of them mentioning if the problem was fixed and what they did to fix it. Any ideas? Thanks Gary
  8. r67_vette


    Hi I have a 2008 Edge that I have had a smell from the heater on ocassions and just recently I had the smell for ~30 seconds as I was driving down the interstate. Had it to the dealer and of course they did not smell anything. Has your problem been fixed? I also told them that it takes ~5 minutes longer to get heat out of my floor vents than out of the dash vents. First they replaced the thermostat which did not solve the problem, than the factory engineers set them a flush to run through the cooling system. Results are still the same. They told me they had a 2007 in for service and it also takes longer to get heat out of the floor vents. Their fix to me was that is the way it's designed. Anyone have any comments on this issue? Thanks