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  1. At certain temperatures outside, I get a weird patch of fog/condensation on the OUTSIDE of the windshield, it's down lower below line of sight, but still annoying. Anyone out there run into this? I can't figure out why it would happen. Even if I run the wipers across it, it comes back within a couple of seconds. It's almost like back in the 70's, when you would turn on defrost and it would get worse, not better, for a little bit.................. Much obliged if any help out there. 2011 Edge Sport, Black on Black!
  2. cjohns28

    22' wheels

    I have to concur here, it's the rim, and the seal between tire and wheel. I've had this a zillion times on several show cars, low profile tires against a bad wheel, is a problem. Pirelli been around too long to think it's the tire, could be, but if Canada says rim, then why would it not be the rim?
  3. cjohns28

    what you think

    26's. Hmmmm..............not sure what to think. But I like the ski hat.
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    My 2011 Edge Sport and My Complaints!

    Hi Mike, not sure $43k is better than this in general, but I hear ya. One would expect the basics to be handled, but alas, people build cars, sometimes robots too, and nothing is perfect. Nag the dealer, best advice I can offer. I'm lucky though, the dealer in our area, huge, modern, techy, and super sensitive to customer service, so they just bend over backwards to make it right on all counts. On the wheels for the Edge, I totally get it, really. I drove my wife nuts on wheel sizes, I drove the sport, drove the Lincoln with 18's, then 20's, drove an Edge with 18's and 20's, drove the sales people cuckoo at the dealership, I needed to understand wheel size, ride feel, noise on the road, and all that. I kept coming back to the 22's, I simply couldn't get that out of my minds eye. When I took delivery of the Sport, and it was next to a Black Ltd, with 20's, for me, the right choice. It just creates a stance with the vehicle that works and a bit more noisy and stiff, slightly so, but on a smooth blacktop road, it's more than good enough. And the grip is just amazing, and there is no tire flex at all, the contact patch is dead on the money, even under the potential for understeer in a brisk corner. If money was no object, I'd like a second ride, Lincoln version, cooled seats, and the totally amazing black paint, with silver fleck in it. I don't remember the paint name for this, but that was one slick vehicle, but paint, seats, and interior finish aside, another $7k-ish just didn't sway me away from the Sport! Happy New Year, lets see if we all can make 2012 better than the one before!
  5. cjohns28

    Is Anyone Satisfied With Their Edge?

    Greetings............we are about 6 months into our '11 Edge Sport. Overall, a positive experience. A perfect experience, certainly not, but it's meeting our expectations as I did a ton of research up front and new going in the door that Sync/MFT occasionally will be glitchy. And sure enough, it has been. Also knew that a software fix is on it's way so that would work it's way thru over time. I am a bit amused by some of the posts throughout several discussion topics, depending of course on what one pays for their particular model of Edge, but for folks to assume that $35k to $45k buys a perfect vehicle is just not realistic. Especially given all the gizmos these days that come with most vehicles, there is no way to expect perfection. I'm with you though on the touchscreen, hard to understand why Ford couldn't emulate a tablet like screen rather than the spongy finger print mess screen they have now. It's so baffling to me on application, that therehas to be some insider reason for it, it just doesn't make sense otherwise. The only thing I can think of is it has something to do with impact and what happens in a full wreck, I'm not sure I'd want an I-phone like screen shattering into a million pieces and heading for my wifes or my head. For those suffering from actual physical (non-software tech items) issues in the vehicle, I feel for them especially if the dealership is poor on the fixes. We are spoiled here in Portland, as one dealer in particular for Ford's is just on the cutting edge of maintenance and service and they have a system down, it's so good it's scary on how fast they can boot a car back out onto the road. I bought Ford again after owning a 1995 Explorer that I ejected from my life in '98, and the reason i came back to Ford isn't Ford, it was how the dealer handled it's business (the Explorer was a nighmare to own) for me during the Explorer phase I went thru. Good luck to you and Happy Holidays
  6. cjohns28

    My 2011 Edge Sport and My Complaints!

    Mike, all those hitter vehicles costs a whole lot more than a Ford Edge does btw. We live near a very affluent area, full of X5's, Range Rovers, and so on. Frankly for me, they are a dime a dozen and for me, and lack imagination on purchase. And if I see another silver Audi Q5, paleeeeeeeeeeeeeze poke my eyes out, and the blind spot in a Q5 is humongous, why would anyone buy one of these is beyond me. But the Cayenne Sport, is one trick looking machine. Ok, off my soapbox about something other than Ford, here is an interesting experience with my Edge. This recent summer, one of our boys played in a tennis tourney smack in the middle of this same neighborhood we live by. Hard to describe the setting, but this particular club is something on par with a massive estate from the early 1900's, as it's also a social club, and it comes with a really cool outdoor set of tennis courts. When you arrive, all the vehicles have to line up via head in parking, as you face the outer courts. So I pull in next to a tricked out M5, and next to a Range Rover whatever. I'm not out of the Edge 5 seconds, and I'm getting quizzed on what I'm driving. The tournament director walks up and looks at it too, then a few other folks, and for about 15 minutes, I gave several the inside and out tour of the Edge. And every time, I had to explain, it's a Ford. And everyone looking at it, was thrilled, because it was a Ford. The overriding comment was "finally an American make that looks good". Sort of cool to have the Euro crowd have a nice level appreciation for an American brand! Now, I took all of the hitter rigs for a spin prior to buying the Edge except the Cayenne, although I have ridden in one. Frankly for the money, the Edge stacks up nicely to them all and the styling, Sport model or not, is right in there with them all. In fact, load up the options on an X5 or Cayenne, and the economics get into a whole 'nother zipcode so I'm not sure the demographics are really the same for a Cayenne versus Edge buyer . For those lurking in the forum as I was/did long before we bought the Edge, I'll share some gripes too.............The techno glitches on the Edge irritate me at times (hopefully that software fix Ford is talking about on Youtube really works), Sirius reception is junk for some reason in our area, and the touch screen response time is baffling at times. But take out the techno glitches soon enough with the early this coming year upgrade, and I think the vehicle overall is a solid choice for the money. I do grapple a bit with performance like you do, but for me, performance is one part straight line, and one part curves. If I get into a drag race with a 3.5 liter 2WD Limited, I guess I'll lose. If we want to run some cones in the parking lot, I surmise I'll win. But in the end, we live in the urban jungle and a 0 to 60 second time is overrated because we can barely hit 50 on the freeway if we are lucky. So I'll take the bling along in stride, continue to answer to those that want to know what I'm driving, and for now, my experience is that the money for the Edge is well spent!
  7. cjohns28

    Defrost Issue

    I have noticed similar event on differences of temps inside and out. As others have mentioned, crank the temp, and it goes away quickly.