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  1. I changed out the battery just because it was original. Kept the core for now to see if it will lose charge just setting on the bench (hasn't so far). The car has been setting sense Saturday, checked battery voltage this morning (Tue) voltage has dropped 1 volt, not enough to talk about yet, Maybe it was a faulty battery even though it tested ok, Not sure, Will see tomorrow what voltage is again. Have it scheduled for dealer Thursday morning if it won't start. I did a voltage drop test acrossed all the fuses with no luck there. The car started fine. And continues to start fine. Apparently it was the battery even though it tested ok. Well it's been about 3 weeks now no problems with starting. Has to have been a bad battery.
  2. I did make sure that was nothing in either port, as my wife had an MP3 player plugged into the one in the console and had a GPS in the dash. I didh't however think about the vanity lights in the visors might be staying on. Thanks. I have it scheduled for shop time next week if I can't locate the pobolem
  3. Hi, I know this is not a new topic but have not seen any answers posted yet. My 07 Edge drains the battery dead after setting 3 to 4 days. I disconnected the battery cable and let it set over night and and checked with a DMM meter the next morning. Letting it set really doesn't do any good because it automatically energizes the headlights for a moment and the keep memory systems alive. This draws about 1.73 amps, then after settling down goes to 0.73 amps and wait another 30 seconds drops to 0.20 amps and holds there, which is way too much draw. I've checked every relay and fuse that I can with no change. I also pulled the battery cable to the alternator with no effect. Was hoping that someone has got their battery drain problem repaired by now and may have an answer.
  4. Has anyone looked at the size of the inlet to the air filter box? I think if this inlet piping was at least twice the size it would help the engine breath a little better. The size and stile ( rectangel and two 90 degree angles) won't help the air flow to the filter box. I kind of understand what they are trying to do by having the air enter where it does, it keeps it cleaner and has kind of a ram air effect while going down the road. But it still seams alfully small. I think that's why you see such an inprovement when installing a cold air intake kit, Any thoughts?
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