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    Tablet mount for Edge

    I think I may end up going this route, very simple, but drilling this arm bracket (below is the page) into the tray on the dash, centered above the radio. This way I can flip the tablet up when loading cd's, etc. flip back down when I want the tablet there, to be watched by passengers, me, etc. and it will be centered in the dash (I'm a bit OCD when it comes to stuff like that, haha), and if I need to sell the edge later, I can just put the rubber mat back in and all holes hidden. I actually saw an add-on for this arm, that is magnetic, so I emailed RAM to see how thick the metal has to be to work...... the other thought I had was to attach some flat stock under dash tray, and use the magnetic if possible, this way I can remove the whole assembly and not even have the arm there without svews and tearing apart the dash, when I'm just rolling around without the tablet or when selling the vehicle. http://www.ram-mount.com/CatalogResults/PartDetails/tabid/63/partid/082065077045066045049051056085045067/Default.aspx
  2. Ok, so I was originally going to put a dvd player in my Edge, because I used to have one in a car years back and miss it. Also my Edge seems to be the party, beach, club, etc. pick of my friends to ride out in, so why not some entertainment!?!? Well, I thought, instead of living in the 90's like I usually do, haha, and using a DVD player , why not a Tablet? It's all pointing to the tablet....... DVD player: You have to buy DVD's, and some artists I like don't have them, hard to hide a DVD player in the dash, so could get stolen, other than playing DVD's on a screen, it's just like a regular old aftermarket cd player Tablet: I can use Pandora, youtube, hulu, GPS, calender, etc. etc., disconnect it and stash it from criminals when parked, take it out and use it as a tablet (duh), I could also use the stock stereo system, so I can still play cds or satelite, etc. etc. So, tablet seems like the way to go, especially when you match $ costs to eachother versus actual usefullness. But has anyone seen a cool mount that looks impressive, or centered for backseat drivers? I was thinking that my tray has a removable rubber mat, so I could mount a mount there, and when removed, the rubber mat hides any holes that was left behind from screws. And advice would be awesome!! Even advice on what tablets you folks use that have hotspot services, etc. THANKS!!!!! Oh, and when given some advice and decide on my plan of attack, I will do this and post pics and procedures on how I did it!!!
  3. gehlsurf

    Sweet and Simple

    Haha, well, JL has my respect, but just mainstream stuff, look it up sometime, these amps (not the Zapcos, but the A/D/S power plates) are actually balanced, like commercial set ups are. But they are a fuck load of money, and I got them as a hand me down from a buddy (they were in a Lambo to give you an idea), but on my own, I wouldn't buy them, I'd stick to companies like JL, Alpine, etc. Actually, I once owned a pair of JL 12w3 DVC's (it was like 2001, haha), pushed by a Kenwood amp that I got cheap as an Open Box item for cheap at a Bestbuy, and have always like Kenwood for budget. The box said it was 1 ohm stable pushing 1K watts, so I paralled all voice coils, surer than shit it actually pushed them hard as all hell! My buddy's made fun of me, but it was WAY louder and would push your hair and cigarette smoke like crazy (ghetto SPL test, haha). So since then, I've always been interested in the mainstream amps, because "you never know", there are cars that are sleepers, and there are stereo systems that are sleepers, haha!! On another note: I fuckin know right!?!?!?!? I like this site, but sometimes these guys are just not into answering stuff, just arguing it. haha, so I'm gonna get some capacitors and block off the bass at the stock speakers, then replace the sub and post what I find, hell, it's a lil 8", what do I have to lose? Not much for R and D, cause I'll keep the capacitors, and if need be put another system in, and all I waisted was like $60. Fuck it, I'm doin it, haha, thanks for the push!!! Oh, and on another note, I've noticed that the stock sub seems to be DVC, ssssssoooooo, maybe instead of 1 DVC sub, maybe 2? The stock box, and another tuned another way? Now that's intuition and ingenious!! .......in theory..... haha, we'll see, I'll for sure let ya know!! Thanks again!
  4. Wow! Get outta here, poloarized glasses will fix that!?!? How random! but ok, I'll check it out, have to go buy some. I thought of the Dashmat, but I like how the dash looks, so would want to steer away from that if possible.
  5. I love my Edge, but my only complaint is that on sunny days, I can totally see my dash and everything in the front shield, is there some kind of non glare tint or film rather I could use? Or maybe just quit using shiny armorall? Thanks!
  6. gehlsurf

    Cleaning Leather Seats

    Yeah, come to think of it, it's an even better idea for me, cause I work commercial construction, there's no where to clean my hands, so my steering wheel can get all dirty, but now I can help prevent that by cleaning my hands with these, BRILLIANT!!! thanks guys!!
  7. gehlsurf

    Cleaning Leather Seats

    haha, yeah, I suppose it makes sense! Ok, thanks!
  8. gehlsurf

    Cleaning Leather Seats

    Ok cool, like something as simple as a little bit of Dawn dish soap? Dingo, are you being sarcastic or for real? Haha, I suppose in reality baby wipes aren't harsh, just like mrdave said!
  9. Hi all!! So I have an 07 SEL with light beige leather, and love it. And because of loving it want it to look good and stay that way, haha. I do construction, and am starting to notice a little bit of dirtiness on the driver seat, anybody know of some good conditioner/cleaner for these seats? Thanks a ton!!
  10. gehlsurf

    New wheels and painted grille?

    If you were pondering on whether or not to paint the grill, I just blacked out my chrome on mine. This is not painting it black, but instead making the chrome look titanium or hematite sort of. I used grey transparent vinyl, or you could use the duplicolor chrome black out paint. But with the vinyl you can rip it off and get back to the chrome, which is why I did it. I love black grills, but you see it everywhere!! Check it out, I think it would match your wheels, too!! You can make it darker as well obviously by adding more vinyl.
  11. gehlsurf

    Not blacking out the grill......?

    c_bova was dead on the money with the transparent vinyl!! It came out awesome!! Plus, now if I want to trade it in, I can just peel it off and have nice shiny protected chrome underneath..... brilliant!!! Here are some pics!! It's a shade darker than the chrome, as you can see against the headlights and the rim around the Ford oval, I did the blue part, just not the ring around it. But it now has a Titanium sort of look
  12. gehlsurf

    Not blacking out the grill......?

    Sorry guys, it's kinda confusing, I know, because "blacked out chrome" is kind of.....ok, it is an oxymoron, google it, it is not to literally make the chrome all black, it is just to darken it, to give it a gunmetal or hemtite look, sorry for the confusion. This makes me want it more though, haha, because obviously it is still original and custom. When I roll up with blacked out chrome, the guy that painted his chrome black will sh*# himself!! haha, I know how to make chrome just black, like I said before, I've built bikes and guess what bike guys LOVE..... chrome or black, so know how to produce both, just not the "blacked out chrome" with out using the duplicolor stuff. As for driving it on the street, yes, it is going to be driven on the street, but I'm not blacking out the lights, just a light smoke to dull the chrome in there, and will be upgrading to LED bulbs. The 72 Super Beetle I built had all black lights, and everything else black, and even with the upgraded H4 Lamps, it had horrible visibility, so I've learned what's good and what isn't..... everything in moderation...... plus blacked out lights are every where, I love the look, but when you see soccer moms and your accountant with it on his Benz, you know the style has gone mainstream, hence Why I'd like to go a different route, not just doing everything black, it looks good, but sorry to you folks that have done it, it's just not original anymore.
  13. gehlsurf

    Not blacking out the grill......?

    That's an interesting idea!! I actually never thought of window tint, I would think it wouldn't last too well in the elements, but maybe I'm wrong. I haven't seen Transparent Vinyl before, but I'll search for it, thanks!!
  14. Ok, so I just picked up my Edge (2007 SEL) Tuesday, to me it's a pretty bada#* vehicle, and so I want it to look so as well. I have a background of making bikes (Typically black cafe racers, rats, bobbers, etc.), and while I like the blacked out grill and lights (I used to own a VERY low 72 Super Beetle, flat black all the way, and even VHT on the head/taillights, when I say muder, I mean MURDER!!!), but it's all over the place now....... Ssssssoooooo, I am going to do the smoke on the lenses, and one thing you don't see that often is "Blacked out chrome", which I would love..... especially since my Edge is slate grey, my question is, has anyone seen a film or vinyl that can do this, I'd rather not paint the grill like this, cause it can never go back after!!! And as you can tell, if I start seeing cars with blacked out chrome, I'll switch to something else, haha. So please let me know if anyone has seen or heard of something like this!!! Thanks!!
  15. So yeah, looked all over the site, couldn't find where anyone has replaced the factory sub with an aftermarket sub and talked about results...... good or bad. I found alot of arguing, haha, but no results of it being done, and correctly at that. To save the trouble, I don't want a JL Stealth box, and I get those at cost, so don't even try to talk me into it, please. And I have some old Zapco and A/D/S amps that at 400 watts would knock out today's "2000" watt systems, so again, please, save me the agony. I would just like this system to be simple, if it isn't feasible, I understand, just haven't ripped into it yet and would like to see if I can save myself the trouble. I understand totally the draw to building big car steros, but I'm burnt out on custom stuff in the car arena (to me a car's sound isn't custom until you're in the 5th order home made crossover genre). So I'm just trying to go back to simple. Thanks for any replies, sorry if I sounded like a jerk, kinda amped up/frustrated I think from reading some past posts, haha.