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    2011 edge sport rain sensor cover falling off

    Mine has been replaced 5 times.....was told there was a design change and it should not happen again. WRONG!
  2. I want to sell/ trade my 2012 Ford Edge Limited. I do not really have any complaints (other than I was talked into a color I did not want but the hubby) it's more car than I need. It is a limited with the vista moon roof, adaptive cruise control, blind spot mirrors, 20 inch rims. I've had it for a year and it only has 9500 miles on it. Do you think selling to a person would be hard/too time consuming? Or is it better to trade it at a dealer with the type of car you want to buy. I've thought about carmax but if they do not have a car I want then I really do not see the advantage. It's kind of depressing to see what the value of your car is on the Internet. Seems that all the bells and whistles are not always the best way to go. We normally keep our car for a long time so I guess I was not expecting the value to drop so much. Any opinions/suggestions/whatever is welcome.