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  1. We have the 2012 Limited FWD with the towing package. When I changed the four prong factory plug to a seven prong I needed the backup light voltage so it releases the brakes on my boat trailer when backing up. I tied into the backup light bulb circuitry as I have done all my life. I'm an ET and work with vehicle 12 volt systems every day but don't usually wire for trailers. In any case the Edge computer senses too much current and shuts the backup lights off when any of my trailers are plugged in. I verified it by losing my amatuer standing and read my operators manual closely. Oh well. Learn something new each day. The solution for me was to add a simple relay and have the reverse light control the relay. Issue resolved. However I'm not real happy in that the vehicle is supposedly wired for towing. In any case I have had the front of the vehicle off to install a base plate, moved the radar,installed Toad wiring, and installed an Invisi Brake to use while towing. If someone here knows I would like to find out what or how the brakes are being powered. That is are they vacuum assisted or hydroboost type? I cannot see in the area where the master brake cylinder should be well enough to know. On my H3 Hummer I can turn the power assist on by supplying voltage through an inline fuse I installed. My Invisi Brake has provision for adding vacuum but I don't really want to dig that deep. One other issue I have seen on this forum is the issue of dead batteries while being a Toad. I have made provisions for that issue and I'm gathering some meter readings while experimenting with various things. If I come up with something brilliant I will post back. Guess I will round this out with another observation. With 285 hp and FWD this thing scoots. Flooring it actually makes it squirrly instead of tracking straight ahead. Anyone else experience this? Thanks for any feedback.