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  1. Hello. I'm new in this forum. I have an Edge, and I'm very interesed in to know how works the Cooling Fan Module. The Edge has two fans, one main (left) and one secondary or auxiliar (right). If I wrong, thanks for correct me. Both controlled by Cooling Fan Module. My Edge controller has only one energy output plug for both fans. However, I never have seen the secondary fan on. I use the A/C all the time, but maybe the environmental conditions (plain city with 16°C average) are not to hot, to force the PCM / ECM sends pulses to turn on the secondary fan. The engine temperature indicator is always Normal, that is to say in the middle or a little lower. So, I want to someone that knows how does it work, explain me if this is normal, or if is necessary to check the Cooling System. Thanks in advance. CARLOS V.