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    Remove Front bumper on 2013 Edge

    Ordered from dealer - about $115
  2. tomato

    '12 SEL Grill Replacement

    I have the bought the black rib rib kit and the instructions tht came with the kit show how to change the ribs once you have the lower bumper panel removed (just looks like some screws from behind the grille on each rib) but no instructions on how to remove the bumper. I will wait until the weather gets warmer in April or May but I have searched for links too and can't find anything
  3. tomato


    We bought our Edge the end of October and just returned yesterday from a trip to NC from Wisconsin - put on 2000 miles and got 27.9 mpg overall. Quite lower on the tank through the Smokey Mountains. Vehicle now has 4500 miles on it and each tank has been significantly different mpg- I believe due to not filling the tank the same. Have noticed a local mileage drop since cold weather and now we're supposed to be below 0 for the next couple of days - may use the block heater. Bought new '13 Edge 12/8, had 800 miles on it when we took it for Christmas road trip. Nashville to Wisconsin, then to Ohio, back to Nashville. 1830 miles, mostly all interstate, 79 gallons of gas, just over 23 mpg for the trip! MPG stinks. had the cruise set at 2-3 mph over speed limit, some parts limit was 65, others limit was 70. Had a full back end of gifts on the way up, maybe 300 pounds luggage and gifts, on the way home, pretty much just luggage, about 150# besides my wife and I. Was watching tach, engine ran at 2000 rpm on the highway with cruise set. Is that about right? i've heard all kinds of excuses about why mileage was soo bad, cold weather, wind conditions, new engine, let it break in 5000 miles or so, then mileage will get better. My driving habits are such that I get 31 mpg on '08 Altima 2.5, and was getting 28-29 hwy on 2002 Impala w/ 3800, so I'm not an agressive, light-jumping driver. Ford charges $995 premium to buy the Ecoboost, I had higher expectations. What are you getting in real life?
  4. I have purchased the unpainted replacement bars to change out the ugly chrome bars on the grille. The three page instruction sheet shows how to replace the individual pieces but shows the bumper coming off with no notes on how to do that. I found instuctions on the web for a 2009 but it looks quite a bit different than mine especially with the 2.0 turbo engine in there. Has anyone removed the bumper (without breaking something) and willing to offer words of wisdom? Thanks a lot!