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  1. Receiving a parking assist error message on the dash by the odometer. Pulled codes and received U0159 - Parking Assist Control Module Communication Error. From my research this seems to be a generic error that could be related to any part of the parking assist system. I've ensured the sensors are clear of any dirt and also unplugged, inspected and reattached plug to the sensors at the bumper. Does anyone have any suggestions and know which fuses are related to the PACM? 2008 Edge SEL
  2. argos587

    Intermittent Engine Miss Fire

    Did clear the codes a month ago, symptoms still the same and no codes set since. Have to check my records on replacing the plugs. Will also do visual inspection and resistance test for coils.
  3. argos587

    Intermittent Engine Miss Fire

    Have 2008 Edge. Engine has a miss fire after multiple restarts. Such as running errands and stopping at different locations in succession. Only received one code - #2 injector, however that was one time in about two months and has not reset. The miss fire continues, no codes so doubting it's the injector. No miss fire if car sets for an hour or more. Any ideas?
  4. 2008 Edge SEL I know the Vista roof subject is covered in this forum in other discussions, but wanted to offer my temporary fix. We encountered the typical problem, both clips on the track that secure the front of the vista roof broke during closing. Since the repair is too costly, opted to repair enough to close the glass until we decide a more permanent solution. 1. Lubricated the tracks and contact points for the mounts sliding in the rails. (this was made easier by removing the glass) 2. Since we had the broken pieces of the clips, decided to assemble each side using JB Weld. However, added a small piece of metal in one of the vertical slots to help absorb some of the pressure of closing the glass. One side broke in such a way I could also additionally attach using a small screw to help hold the broken piece down, this was not possible for the other side. 3. Allowed the JB Weld to dry for 24 hours, then with help of two people, was able to close the glass while pushing simultaneously with the motor. The lubrication, JB Weld, metal piece, and screw (for one), and man power assistance worked well. Both clips held together. Tried to upload pics, but received errors. Hope this helps someone. Now to try and find a way to open the shade portion without activating the glass to open (if the button is held too long).
  5. Does anyone know how to repair the radio display '07? Standard radio, mp3, cd player. Everything operates ok, just no screen. Removed radio and face, discovered there are no bulb to replace as the display lighting is integrated. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Need to remove the radio in '07. How do I remove the center dash bezel surrounding the radio to gain access to the radio mounting screws?
  7. Have 07 and need to remove washer fluid reservoir to identify/repair leak. How is the reservoir removed? Only see one screw at the top by the reservoir lid.
  8. argos587

    Timing Chain Replace

    Just purchased a used 2007 Edge SE, very good condition for its age. When should the timing chain be replaced (official recommendation and actual longevity)? Have been dealing recently with timing belts, now it seems they have returned to chains. Thanks.