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    20" Rims and Tires

    Set of 20" Chrome Clad Rims and Pirelli Scorpion 102H Tires off my 2013 Edge for sale Purchased a set of 5 spoke rims for winter and have decided to just keep those on all year Rims are in mint condition and only18,000 Km's on the tires Includes TPMS sensors $2,900 Edmonton Alberta
  2. The White Platinum tri-coat does look awesome..nice pic edgieguy... but have decided on the Mineral Gray. Was at the show room and they had the Mineral Gray all shined up....looked good enough to sway me plus I havent seen many of the Mineral Gray on the road Thanks for the responses everyone
  3. Newbie here.... Looking to purchase the 2013 Edge limited and am deciding between the White Platinum Metallic and the Mineral Gray. I think both look good but are very different. I would be doing 90% of the driving on this vehicle My daughter (25) seems to think the whites are for women and the darker colors are for men.....we see lots of darker Edges being driven by men but only a few men driving white I do realize I am free to drive what I choose, however, I'm wondering if there is any research or consensus on this one Anybody?