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    Extended Warranty Premium Care

    Thanks for the response... That does make good sense though it does seem pretty unreasonable what you have to deal with in Fl regarding the extended warranty. I ended up taking with me several online quotes from other Ford dealers on the same extended warranty plan into the dealership the day I picked up the car. The dealership's price was $600+ over the competing online prices. Fortunately, I was able to negotiate the price to match what I found online after first refusing the warranty altogether and fully explaining that I was going to shop the warranty elsewhere. That'll be the day when buying a new car becomes a straightforward process....
  2. Just bought a 13' Edge recently and have been shopping the market for Ford Premium Care. I find it odd that there are vast price differences for the same warranty plan. The thing of it is, from what I understand, you do not have to purchase your Premium Care at the dealer. Rather, this is something you can also purchase online, and often times for much cheaper. One would think Ford would standardize the prices for a company warranty recognized by Ford regardless of location... Anyone have similar experiences?