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  1. I have a 2013 Ford Edge SEL with the Ford 2 way communication remote start. Last night I set the climate control system for the windshield defroster mode so when I start the car in the morning with the remote start, the windshield defroster will start. I noticed this morning after I remotely started the car that the buttons were not illuminated in the car and only the parking lights were on with the engine on of course. My last car which was a Mercury Milan would allow whatever heating and cooling function was running when I shut the car off to reactivate when I started the car with the remote start. When I start my Edge normally without the remote start, all functions work propoerly. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions would be appreciated. To me the whole idea of the remote start is to heat, cool or defrost prior to getting in your car. Thanks, Dean
  2. I have a 2013 Edge SEL with MY TOUCH/NAV System. I needed to use the delayed reboot utility today but it took me about 4 times to get it to work sucessfully. I had had the engine running and then put the USB memory stick in one of the slots. As soon as it downloaded and said OK, I pressed OK, pulled the USB stick out, turned the engine off and then open and shut the door. The first 3 times the MFT never rebooted as the instructions said it would. The fourth time I did the same thing but left the key in the ingintion after the engine was off. Nothing happened after 3 or 4 minutes and decided to turn the engine on. When I turned the engine on this time, the scheduled maintenance screen came up and I knew then it had worked. My question is, does it make a difference if I leave the key in the ignition or not? Is it correct to assume that with the engine completely off the MFT should reboot without any power? I am not sure why the screen did not reboot with the scheduled maintenance screen, but did after I started the car after a few minutes. Any help or clarification would BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thanks, Dean
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    2013 Edge Travel Link Issues

    I forgot to ask if the Nav SD card needs to be removed before starting this utility? Please let me know. Regards
  4. badabinger

    2013 Edge Travel Link Issues

    Thanks for the link. Can I assume that when I need to run this utility it is the equivalent to a master reset but without loosing any stored information? Does this include not having to pair your phone over again? Also what does the acronym MTF stand for?
  5. I have a 2013 Edge SEL with My Touch and Navigation. Once in a while when I activate Travel Link there are 1 or 2 fields that keep trying to load up but never do. I have had Sirius send refresh signals to no avail and have spoke with Ford Technology Tech Support. They walked me through a master reset which corrected the problem temporarily. That fix only lasted no more than 2 months and now the fuel prices will not load up. The screen tells me "Acquiring Fuel Price Data". This is going to became a real pain. The car is only 3 month old. Does anyone have any suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Dean