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  1. Okay the answer is here.... At least for the 2012 Ford Edge w/power liftgate you need the following: DA8Z-19G364-A (two key fobs only) BT4Z-19G366-A (hood switch) DA8Z-15603-A (antenna kit) I installed the antenna kit without too much issue. You don't need to run anything up to the dash, just plug in the coax cable to the module that is attached in the driver side rear panel and fix the antenna to the quarter panel structure. Just received word that the remote start is functional from the Ford dealer. Thanks everyone for your input! Ryan
  2. Gary, I believe you are right...Ford is telling my dealer that an antenna kit must be installed (part number 15603 - which is not a complete part number). This is more confusing than it needs to be and nothing indicates this online on Ford's accessory site that additional parts are needed. I will get to the bottom of this and let you know what is needed for this peculiar setup. Thanks, Ryan
  3. Thanks again for reiterating, Wizard. Just wanted to update everyone...I have the Edge at the dealer right now after buying the DA8Z-19G364-A kit (two, five button key fobs only which is funny since it's still $200) and the hood switch kit. The dealer is currently having problems with enabling the remote start via the IDS, but hopefully they get it working. I will let everyone know the outcome.
  4. Thanks Wizard for confirming, I will buy the hood switch kit and the DA8Z-19G364-A kit and bring it in to the dealer. I am glad i won't need to pull any rear panels, especially the side with the liftgate mechanism! Thanks for all the help!
  5. Thanks, Gary. I was just a bit confused as if what you say is true. If the kit for the Edge w/liftgate and Explorer are the same part number, just a bit worried the kit would not come with the additional wiring/antenna for the Edge. Ryan
  6. Hi, New to the forum and new to a 2012 Ford Edge. The Edge came with the power lift-gate option and but no remote start. After exhaustive searching, I found the the follow part number should work and is the 100 series plug and play with 5 button fob DA8Z-19G364-A. I've seen descriptions on the installation on Ford Explorers but not an Edge. Is no additional wiring required for an Edge with the lift-gate option for this kit due to it existing already for operation of the lift-gate? Does one just need to buy this kit with hood switch and take it to the dealer for programming? Thanks in advance! Ryan 2013 Remote Start Apps Chart.pdf