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  1. AvBg2000

    Size/Type Lug Nuts 2016 Edge Sport

    Just picked up my sport today. Took the locks off my 13 thinking they'd fit but no. Looks like the 15-16 is m14x1.5
  2. some pictures would be awesome!
  3. AvBg2000


    wow thought it was just mine. i've played with the tire pressures to try to correct it. didnt know it was a common problem
  4. AvBg2000

    Fuel Mileage for 2013's

    i just got my 13' awd in October and driving very conservatively in NYC highway/city mix im getting 16.5 17mpg. all city and aggressively driving i got 14.8. my highest was 18.9
  5. AvBg2000

    License plate frame

    i went with this for the rear its heavy and solid and keeps most of your plate visible. for the front i went with the bumbshox2.0 and cut off the strip at the top. much needed for nyc streets
  6. AvBg2000

    Front Grill Paint - Opinions Wanted!

    i agree all blue to be unique. all black if you were trying to make it look like a sport
  7. AvBg2000

    Spanking New 13' Sport owner Brooklyn, NY

    Thanks guys!.. Yeah i've noticed that theres a sweet spot on the car that really makes it look porschy in the camera!
  8. Hey guys! Names Brian and i'm proud to announce that i am the first owner of a 13' Edge Sport! I'm coming from a 1994 Ford Probe that i got in 01' as a HS graduation gift. I've always loved the Edge and finally had the chance to get one and took it! After a few purchases from TRS, VLEDs, and DaytimeBrightLights i've began taking baby steps in making this car truly mine! Finally had a chance to take pics now that the government shutdown is over at my favorite photo op place in Brooklyn. Floyd Bennett Field. so.. Enjoy!
  9. AvBg2000