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  1. im going to change the otor in my ford edge do I need to get the exact year my 8th digit is a c they one I found for sale is a w or something a year newer but same motor will my pcm still work?
  2. Ok so I figured out my no start, my timing chain is snapped. Now my next question is are these motors interfering or non interfering? do you guys think my valves are still all good?
  3. Ok my buddy did a few test said all my injectors are getting pulses plugs are firing and im getting fuel he said he wants to say its the PCM, how would I go about fixing that the cheapest way can they reflash it? or can I buy a new one and plug right in? Thanks for the helps guys
  4. no I don't think its that because it wont even start , that post said the throttle bodys where getting hot , that's not the case it wont even start cold
  5. Well I just pulled a wire off and checked for spark and I took the fuel line off also and had a lot of fuel pressure. It turns over fine all the pullys spin it has to be a sensor or something electrical I think
  6. 2008 edge 106,000 miles was driving fine then just stalled and wont start back up . No check engine light codes im getting fuel pressure and spark.. Any ideas thanks
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