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  1. Just some information for the next person who has this issue. The "LIFTGATE AJAR" message came up last week and would not turn off. You can clear it with the Reset button but annoyingly the doors won't lock while driving (rather unsafe...) and the puddle lights stay on for several minutes after the car is turned off. I had no physical issues with latching or closing the gate, and the general advice of lubricating it with WD40 didn't change anything in this case. I ordered replacement latch assembly "7T4Z7843150B" for ~$90. 4 phillips head screws and a bunch of push pins are all that holds the plastic interior trim panel (image 1). Inside, just disconnect the bottom cable (image 2) and remove the 3 torx screws that hold the latch in. There's only one cable connected to the latch itself, the upper cable connects to the lock/unlock button. Very easy to put back together. Glad it was just the latch and not a more tedious wiring issue. Cheers.
  2. dbomb343

    Windshield Washer fluid not coming out

    Bumping this thread with some old pictures I had saved for my 2010 Edge, in case they may be of use to anyone in the future. I've replaced the driver side nozzle twice and the passenger side once in the last two years. I recommend the original Ford part as the cheaper knockoffs don't have as good of a spray pattern. I was surprised to find both the off-brand and Ford versions on Amazon now. Use anything broad and flat to remove the plastic attachments for heat shield on the hood (they'll snap back in at the end) to uncover the hose. Check the rubber hose for any damage and use needle nose pliers or something to gently remove any broken pieces of the old nozzle.
  3. dbomb343

    Vent Leak? Pics

    Had the dealer look at it today actually, turns out the vent and a seal on the rear diff were leaking but also the PTU. Said the fluid inside was "gritty" too and they will replace the whole PTU and the seal for the RDU under warranty next week. They said they've had to replace a lot of PTU's and the seals frequently break. Very pleased with the service and that they will do a thorough fix. With all the snow and road salt here it's apparently severe duty maintenance schedule. They actually recommended changing the PTU fluid every 30k with the BG flush machine, not sure if that's just from this dealer or Ford-wide for this region but sounds like a good idea to me. Hopefully keeping ahead of fluid changes will prevent it from recurring. Meagan, I'm at 66,400 miles right now and the dealership is Champion Ford. Thank you for your concern.
  4. dbomb343

    Vent Leak? Pics

    Thanks for your response. That makes more sense. The first and last pictures are taken from the rear and definitely seem to be the RDU. The middle two are taken from the front of the rear driver's side axle (may have the wrong term here, but it's going straight out to the wheel). The RDU fluid would match with this thread http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/17225-2012-rear-differential-leakagain/ and TSB 14-0057 about the RDU vent leaking in cold weather. Still a little concerned about the driver's side axle though, might stop by the dealer later this week. Still have 7year/100k miles extended powertrain warranty and RDU should be covered. Thanks again for your input! Will update if anything interesting comes up.
  5. dbomb343

    Vent Leak? Pics

    So with all the talk of PTU leaks on this forum and having some good weather this weekend, I decided to check under my edge and see what it looked like. Middle two pictures are of the rear driver side axle, the passenger side was completely dry. The other two are what I think are the PTU vent and fill hole (side shown faces rearward) and half covered with a greasy coating. The oil is black to the touch and the "vent" toward the top of the first picture is loose and rattles when I touch it. I haven't noticed any oil in the driveway but I'm on the highway a lot and driveway's usually snowy/muddy. Might notice a burnt smell in the car once in a blue moon but very briefly. Will probably have the dealership take a look this week, still have powertrain warranty from certified pre-owned warranty. Any thoughts or diagnoses? Broken seals?
  6. dbomb343

    2010 Edge Limited Review

    I purchased my 2010 Edge Limited AWD in cinnamon metallic as a certified pre-owned vehicle two years ago with 40k miles. Purchased this before moving to a part of western Pennsylvania with lots of lake effect snow. Specifically got an older edge to avoid MyFordTouch and save money, and the CPO powertrain warranty is pretty long. Wanted something good in snow, reliable, and with room for road trips. Every time I think I bought too big a car (2 passengers + driver and 2 small dogs at most, usually just me though) my wife manages to find more luggage or presents to bring and we appreciate the space. It's now at 63,000 miles, mostly highway commuting and occasional 7-10 hour trips from PA to New England. Haven't had any reliability issues to use the CPO warranty so far, just maintenance. Routine oil changes, front brake pads replaced at 47k, transmission fluid change and new tires at 60k. Plus extra carwashes in the winter to remove road salt here. Pros: Cargo space- tons with seats folded down, love the easy-fold buttons. great center console Comfort- comfortable seats even on long road trips, and that was before I knew it had a lumbar support lever! Ample passenger space. Ride- built for cruising. Very smooth ride, dampens potholes well, quiet when not mid-acceleration. Power- plenty of power for passing and going up hills, not a sports car but more than adequate. Exterior- love the big grill and chrome rims contrasting with the cinnamon metallic paint after it's washed. Some days I get bored of the big round nose but overall like the unique style. Blind-spot Mirrors and backup sensor - simple and effective Snow capability- AWD with the original Michelin and new Continental Crosscontact LX2 all season tires is great with appropriate driving. Only saw traction control light come twice a winter with black ice at stop signs, and it snows a lot here. Would consider snow tires if I had to worry about more hills or fewer plows. Cons: MPG- average is right around 19 mostly highway. More like 14 around town, 23-24 on road trips. Biggest objective downside. Off-road capability- Not a true rugged SUV in this regard, but this is more something I daydream about than actually need. Does great with all the potholes and dirt and gravel roads I actually get to. Cheap plastics- dashboard plastics are very bland and hard, wish window sill had soft arm rest Brakes- noisy even with new pads, no problems stopping but might disappoint aggressive drivers Towing- low towing capacity. Installed aftermarket hitch so only 2000lb, which is fine for the occasional uhaul or utility trailer but could be limiting in the future. Minor tech complaints- Sync calling wrong person, remote start only does last setting and doesn't start heated seats. Wish I could see the AWD torque distribution like the new Escape dashboards. Overall very happy with this car. Every time I drive a rental car I come back to my Edge and feel like I'm driving a composed, unstoppable tank. Will keep until 100k miles at least, maybe 200k. I expect it will be pretty reliable with routine maintenance and maybe a PTU fix. It's such a well-rounded vehicle that it's hard to find a new SUV that beats it in more than JUST 1-2 aspects.