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  1. Here it is a year after my inital post about my then new Ford Edge. The horn thing still irritates the bejesus out of me. Has anyone had luck in figuring out a software solution? The turn signal thing I've kinda' learned to ignore and just engage to 100% as opposed to using the ridiculous 3 flash turn signal. The new 2015 Hyundai Sonata that I recently purchased for my Mother to drive has a similar feature, but with a much better thought out option to adjust the number of flashes desired from 3 to 5 or even 7. All set from the driver's preference menu just a one would expect.. One would sure expect Ford Motor Company to offer better options for buyers like us. mardyn
  2. The idea of trying to drive the vehicle while working through the maddening Sync or MFT systems is just beyond insane. This is a perfect example of distracted drivng in the worst way. Ford should have known better than to unleash this monstrosity on the motoring public... I should have known better myself. mardyn
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    Hello everyone... mardyn here from over in Northeast Texas. I've recently been posting in one of the sub-forums and have received some great comments from other members here. I've got a 2013 Edge with a EB 4 cyl in mineral grey. Generally like the vehicle pretty good but find some of the features could have been better placed or designed differently. Again, I'm glad to be on board over here and look forward to being part of the community. mardyn
  4. Thanks for all the great comments in this thread. IMO, the turn signal should flash a minimum of 5 times and probably 6... my driving style dictates that I'm not darting around in traffic anywhere quick enough to do it within 3 flashes of the signal. Solution: Make it driver programable, 3-4-5-6 or 10, what ever, just give us a choice. The horn warning is irritating to me as well, I know when I'm out of the vehicle, I know where the keys are, I don't need a damn (loud) horn honking to remind me. (My Lexus GS uses a much more friendly, short chirp of an exterior warning tone... no obnoxious horn honking.) Solution: Again, make it an option, on or off... Give us a choice. I generally like my Edge, but there are so many small irritants that just overwhelm one's sensiblilities. I originally bought this vehicle for my (78y/o) Mother, but the overly complex Sync System and other electronics features have intimidated her so much that she won't drive it... hence, she's now in my Lexus and I'm in the Edge. The Lexus also has a lot of touch screen electronics and systems, but are much simpler to operate and with a better designed user interface. She's happy as a clam in that car. btw.. I'm a Ford guy at heart, and have owned many Ford products including the vaunted Ford GT supercar... so I have high expectations when I purchase a new vehicle, it's just sad when they don't live up to those high levels. Again, thanks for all the help and ideas with my Ford Edge. mardyn
  5. With so many other owner/driver adjustable settings available, how the heck could Ford not include an on/off option for these two most irritating functions. I honestly believe a third grader could have done a better job on some of the design features included on my Edge... yeah, I'm mad. mardyn
  6. I'd like to disable the horning warning function that beeps the horn twice when leaving the Edge running and stepping away from the vehicle. Has anyone had success in this area? Also would like to reprogram the turn signal function that flashes the signal (only) three times when activated by moving the turn signal lever partially. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thx mardyn