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  1. HI! I am desperate to figure this out, as I've been through a few mechanics and nobody can find the issue. A little over six months ago, noises started emerging from my dashboard. The noise sounds as though a leaf has fallen in the air vent on the dash, and something is rustling/clicking around in there. It's like a reverberation type of noise. The noise is present when I'm going 20mph or 60mph. They're not constant, but VERY annoying since they can last about five minutes when it occurs (and if you're driving at least two hours a day like me, it drives you to madness). They sometimes start when I slow my speed from going 50+ mph, but also happen when I've been at a steady pace going driving through my neighborhood. I've taken my car in about 6 times since the noise started. The first four or five times, they could not detect anything wrong. Then it finally acted up for the mechanic on the fourth visit, and he replaced my gear stick (it's automatic) in the center of my console. However, I was very upset after I paid the bill and still heard this noise. Then, I took it back a week later, and the mechanic at the Ford dealership insulated the area behind my glove box, as there was a loose coil. BUT, I AM STILL HEARING IT! Now, I'm starting to wonder if it's coming from the center of my dash/radio area instead of my right side of the dashboard. It's hard to tell since I'm not always in the passenger seat. Does anybody have ideas on what this could be or have you had similar issues? I really like the Ford Edge and it is in perfect condition other than this noise, but this might drive to me get rid of the thing and never choose Ford again.