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  1. The part isn't quite the same as the factory alarm system. I'm not sure if the factory has the additional module or not, but I do know there is one thing that is different between the add on versus the factory option... When you open the driver's door with the Ford security system, it will wait 12 seconds before going off. (Idea is you can open with the key and then insert it into the ignition before it goes off) On the factory installed system, the car will chime and I believe there is a message on the small LCD screen about the alarm. With the "accessory" add-on, the 12 second delay is still there, but there is no chime or other indication that the alarm is waiting to go off. It just waits 12 seconds and then goes off if you don't disarm it. Otherwise, everything appears to be the same. This is INCREDIBLY easy to install. The dealer wanted to charge me $120 to do it. It's a joke. Instructions are here: http://www.fordservicecontent.com/ford_content/catalog/accessory_files/2011_2014_Scalable_Kit_Truck_10_18_2013.pdf This item has a T-harness included in the box that plugs into the diagnostic connector under the dash. Then, you replace the old diagnostic connector with the other end of the harness. After that, you mount the box under the dash and follow the activation procedure in the instructions. Close the doors, unlock them, and then cycle the key from off to on 8 times, ending in the "run" position. The unit will then "learn" itself to the car and you are good to go. The remote start feature is more involved, and requires the dealer programming tool. However, just the security system itself can be installed without any special tools.
  2. Hello. Just bought a 2013 Edge, and picked up the factory security module from the dealer. They gave me the wrong set of instructions... Hoping someone here can help me. The module looks like it primarily plugs inline with the diagnostic connector. It has two plugs for that, one to hook into the car and one to replace the old socket. It looks like this is how it jacks into the CAN bus on the car. That part is easy. However, closer to the module on the harness are two wires that are just hanging there. One white and one white with a red stripe. They go directly into the alarm module. Any ideas where these should hook in on the car? I'm thinking it might be a starter disable, but I'm not sure. The part number is DT4Z-19A361-A. Part number on the electronic module itself is DL3J-19G367-AA. Thanks!