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    Wicked shudder under acceleration

    Nothing found so far. Fluid is fine, full, and I added a quart Lucas transmission treatment. Not the stop slip stuff, just the fluid extender stuff. Nothing has helped. I have no engine misfire, no codes, and two transmission guys just say "no code and their computer shows everything working fine". Figures. I still have the problem, and no one seems to have any ideas. I am sure it has something to do with the torque converter. I wish I could find an old fashioned mechanic that can diagnose with more than a damn computer.
  2. mechguy79

    Wicked shudder under acceleration

    Dropped it off at the dealer. They kept it for a week. No codes found, and they claim they couldn't duplicate the problem, even though I was very specific of when the issues occur. They didn't charge me at all so I don't think they ever did anything. The edge still does it. When cruising at highway speeds up a slight incline the RPMs will go from 1500, 1800, 1500 within two seconds. If the incline is steep enough it will go from 1500, 1800, 1500, then downshift with a hard clunk. It will do this every time. I miss real mechanics.
  3. Hello all, huge transmission problem with wife's 07 Edge. We where driving in Dallas at highway speeds and when trying to accelerate moderately to keep up with traffic the Edge would shudder horribly. The shudder would go away with enough trottle to downshift, or letting off throttle. This happened several times. Another symptom is when accelerating enough to downshift one gear the torque converter would unlock (raise engine speed 200 RPM), relock, unlock again, then downshift. It does this almost every time now. Third symptom is when cruising at low speeds (30-40mph) the engine speed raises and falls 200 RPM about every second. Again, like the torque converter is locking and unlocking every other second. It is at the dealer now. They did a transmission flush and fill two months ago and the transmission has been noticiably flakey since. Any ideas what this could be? Something simple like a solenoid valve or sensor? Thanks all.