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  1. misterfixit

    Driver side weather stripping

    I don't have any pictures. To see the metal that is too short I would have to pull the weather strip out. It is glued in with yellow rubber adhesive. "All you need to work on a ford is a hammer, oil can, duct tape, bailing wire and gorilla glue."
  2. misterfixit

    Driver side weather stripping

    Talk about poor quality and customer service on this forum gets your posts edited and thread closed. I found out I just have to live with the problem on my vehicle but I probably will not buy another Ford.
  3. What does this have to do with complaints about Ford customer service? The complaints with Ford vehicles and customer service are still there and this doesn't invalidate them.
  4. So anybody's opinion that you don't agree with you just edit it out and say that they are "silly" and are "inadequately whining". You don't know if it is properly fixed or not. You haven't even been involved with the situation or even seen my vehicle. But you are entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to mine. And you may be the moderator but you shouldn't have the right to say someone is "being silly" or that their opinion is "inadequate whining". There is more to this situation that you don't know about and I'm not willing to disclose it on here. But I will move along.
  5. I have been told that before but I haven't seen the actual manual or if it states that it is ok for weatherstrip that is designed to be pressed in is ok to be glued if the door is out of spec. I haven't asked you to help me further. And for the other two of you you seem to have to have the last word. So have it. This will be my last Ford.
  6. Wendell didn't give me access to the information I requested. He didn't answer my last email. He doesn't care about customer satisfaction. It doesn't matter if the weatherstrip seals. Glue is not a fix. It is a patch. It isn't permanent. The door is out of spec.
  7. How do you know it is fine? What gives you the right to speak for me? They patched it. Ford quality is lacking. Wendell will not answer my email. Another sign of poor customer service.
  8. It would if the metal channel was consistent but it isn't.
  9. A hammer, oil can, bailing wire, duct tape, and gorilla glue. That's all you need to "fix" a Ford. Out of spec is out of spec no matter how you look at it. Glueing it will not provide a more consistent seal. There are things you can do to please "some people".
  10. It is glued. It wasn't designed to be glued. There was not enough metal on the fold on the door to hold the weather strip in place. I don't consider it an upgrade. It is just a band-aid fix.
  11. My opinion is Ford customer service doesn't care about complete customer satisfaction.
  12. The last Ford that I owned before the Edge was a 96 tbird. It leaked around the rear window and the rear window trim didn't fit correctly because the clip studs were spot welded in the wrong places. The ac drain was stopped up due to a kink in the drain and soaked the padding in the front passenger side. The service department unkinked the drain but left the padding soaking wet. It also had transmission problems. The service manager stated that the transmission fluid was "tired". I thought I would give Ford another try with the Edge. I wonder what will be next.
  13. What good would it do to carry it back to the dealer or another dealer? Mr. Barron has the final word. I still haven't seen a copy of the so called "repair guidelines". Ford doesn't care about customer satisfaction. I will remember that fact.
  14. I still haven't seen these so called "guidelines".