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  1. Yes, Dingo, I think that's it! Can't take a pic right now, but the dealer said just pull it out. If only it was that easy....I guess I just need to give it all I've got.
  2. It probably is that way from the factory. They forgot to install the antenna. I think I'll ask the dealer again before trying those things. haha thank you I assumed it was a plug that you take out and screw the antenna in. I tried using pliers to unscrew but it wouldn't budge one bit.
  3. Yeah can't screw in the antenna first because that silver thing is plugging the hole. Looks like a thin screw with no head, so real hard to get out. Unless I'm not supposed to. But if I'm not supposed to, how does the antenna go on? hahaha dilemmas. Dealer is far from my house I was trying to avoid that. I'll call them.
  4. Hi, everyone. New here. Just brought my 2013 Edge SEL (with appearance package) home last week and noticed that the dealer probably forgot to install the antenna that goes on the front part of the roof, above the windshield. It's in a little baggy in the car. I figured I'd install it myself, but noticed there is a silver screw/plug or something there. I assumed I needed to unscrew it to take it out, and then screw in the antenna, but....it's not coming out. Am I doing something wrong? How do you install the audio antenna?