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  1. My spare remote's buttons (lock, unlock, & panic) just stopped working awhile ago. I replaced the remote's battery and still nothing. My wife's remote works just fine but mine...not so much. Anybody else having the same problems?
  2. Shane Bogart

    Battery Saver, Check Charging System

    Yeah wish I could find out what's is going on. Nothing jumps out about why it's happening. Looks like I'm gonna have to take it into Ford.
  3. My wife's 12 Edge for the past year and a half has been displaying on occassion, but now more often, a battery saver message on the center music screen, and also a "Check Charging System" in the main display screen. The Battery Saver message diplays when I turn on the ignition before I start it; the other check charging system message does not. When I turn off the ignition I get two messages. The center music display displays "Battery Saver Start Engine Or Turn Off Ignition" and the main display displays "Turn Power Off To Save Battery." In the past two years I have replaced my Duralast Gold battery with a 5 year warranty, twice. Both times have happened when it started getting cold(35° or colder). I never let the car sit for more than a day without starting it, letting it run, then most of the time driving it around for a bit, so the car isn't sitting in the cold draining the battery. I have taken the car down to AutoZone and have had them check both, the battery and the alternator. When the batteries have gone dead they have replaced them every time no questions asked. This time that this is happening, I have taken it down and had them check both the battery and alternator and neither one are bad or look like they are getting closer to going bad. I don't have DRL's, Auto headlights, or any accessories plugged in inside. Everything inside is LED and nothing is ever left on. I haven't taken it down to Ford because every time I do, no matter what premium warranty I have, they always try to charge me an arm and a leg for everything that could possibly get them some extra money. It hasn't gotten to bad like the last two batteries but who wants their wife and baby to go get in their car when it's cold outside and then it won't start. I've tried resetting the battery numerous times, but with no luck. I really wanna be able to fix this myself instead of having to take it into Ford. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Shane Bogart

    Service Advance Trac while in park

    Every once in a while my service advance Trac light will come on when I'm sitting idle for a little bit. I haven't checked with Ford yet, but as soon as I do I will let everyone know what I find out
  5. Shane Bogart

    Dash Cover Won't Stay In Place

    I think I'll have to try the duck tape and see how it works. Thanks
  6. I have a '12 edge SE and i bought a dash cover from Coverking....fits really well, but it won't stay in place. I've tried using velcro, even command strips but nothing will adhere to the dash itself. The dash isn't hard, it's got that....I guess somewhat squooshy textured surface so nothing sticks to it. My last resort would be to use superglue, but I really don't want to unless I need to. Anyone have the same problem and have a fix?????? Thanks
  7. Shane Bogart

    Dash cover

    Has anyone figured out how to keep a dash cover from coming off the dash? I've tried using sticky velcro, even command strips, but I can't get anything to stick to the dash itself. I don't wanna go as far as to superglue velcro to the dash itself since its not hard. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  8. Hi everyone. The round chrome trim piece that attaches to the outside of the headlight control has broke off. I dont want to be charged an arm or a leg to get it at the dealership. Can anyone tell me where to find this part other than the dealership??? Thanks
  9. The round, chrome trim piece that fits around the headlight on/off switch has started falling off due to some of the small individual brackets breaking off. Can anyone tell me where, besides FORD, I might be able to find this part??? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. When i bought my 2012 Edge a couple of months ago I noticed as I was driving it home that night that one of the headlights was lower than the other. I have looked underneath the hood, on the front of the headlights, on the side, and even underneath, but annot find an adjustment. I really need to get them fixed because my wife drives it more than I do and at night you can hardly see anything because of the one headlight. I have also noticed when I turn on my high beams honestly there I cant see any change of visibility really at all, unless there is a sign that is high up off the road. any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated on both of these questions