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    Bad Gas Odor

    Hi, I figured out the gas odor. I was actually the JLT catch can hoses. I talked to JLT and they were great. They explained some people have that issue and they sent me a new set of a different type of hoses for free. I installed them and no more smell.
  2. Hi, I really cant find any current info if there is a LED replacement for my H15 halogen DRL's in my 2018 Edge Sport. Are there any LED that actually work currently out there? Thanks!
  3. Bonzo84

    Bad Gas Odor

    Nope catch can wasnt it, it still smells bad of gas in garage. I will make appointment to bring in to dealer.
  4. Bonzo84

    Bad Gas Odor

    I removed the cover & took a look an do not see anything so far while running. One thing of notice I forgot to mention is that I do have a JLT Catch Can. I emptied that and there was maybe 20% full and that smells exactly like the odor. Would that be causing it? All the hoes look intact.
  5. Bonzo84

    Bad Gas Odor

    Hi, I have a 2018 Edge Sport. Lately after driving and parking in garage, there is a horrible gasoline odor in the garage. There is no noticeable odor while driving in the cabin with heat on either, but really bad shortly after. No signs of of any fluids anywhere. Car runs fine, no dash warnings. Any help is much appreciated.
  6. Well, I was checking any Sync updates online for my new 2018 Edge sport. It said Version 3 was available which I figured I had so I downloaded it to USB and put in car. I didn't see any notice anything was happening, no notice of updating. So against my better jusdgement I pulled the USB out. Well I think big mistake, my screen just has a half of nav map and is locked, I can do anything. Is there anything I can do, even via Forscan, or is it only something dealer can revive? Please help! Thanks!!!!!!
  7. Hi Everyone, I've been reading this forum for years because I had a 2008 Edge. This past weekend I just got my dream Edge. A 2018 Sport in the gorgeous color Burgundy Velvet loaded with every option.
  8. It is a Ford Lincoln Mercury FLM Navigation system North America Map Release 9P DVD disc from my 2008 Ford Edge. Part Number is 9G1T-10E989-BA. This is the 2010-2011 edition. If your vehicles current version is 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P, 5P, 6P, 7P,8P than this is an update map for your car. It works with many other makes/models but I am not sure if it will work with your vehicle so I would recommended checking with your local Ford Lincoln Mercury dealership to make sure it will work for you. DVD is in mint condition & works perfectly. Covers: NORTH AMERICA (U.S & Canada). I accept PayPal Please. $149.99 includes shipping!!!! - NAVTEQ charges over $200 with tax/shipping!! This 2011 Navigation DVD works in only those 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 Ford and Lincoln Mercury vehicles equipped with FACTORY-INSTALLED PIONEER (not DENSO) navigation systems. (DVD is manufactured by NAVTEQ for use in the PIONEER system.)
  9. Bonzo84

    Navigation 8P DVD Disk OEM

    Hello, I have a Ford OEM 8P DVD Navigation disk from my 2008 Edge in mint condition. Make me a reasonable offer. New ones sell for $200. I am located in NW suburbs of Chicago. Thanks for looking
  10. Bonzo84

    Navigation 7P

    Hello, I have a OEM 8P DVD Navigation disk from my 2008 Edge. Make me a reasonable offer. New ones sell for $200. Thanks for looking
  11. It is a OEM Ford Lincoln Mercury FLM Navigation system North America Map Release 8P DVD disc from my 2008 Ford Edge. Part Number is 9G1T-10E989-AC. DVD is in excellant condition & works perfectly. Covers: NORTH AMERICA (U.S & Canada). This is the 2009-2010 edition. Only $145!!
  12. Bonzo84

    Black Exterior Plastic

    If you have excess wax on the lower black moldings, how do you get it off befroe applying items mentioned above. I have white wax marks all over them & it never comes off. Thanks
  13. Bonzo84

    Replacing A/C Vent Louvres

    Would you happen to have the part numbers for the vents? Are they the same vents across all teh trim lines? Thanks
  14. Does anyone else with a OEM Nav have any comments regarding the GPS. It is atill acting flakey. This weekend we were using it to try to find a restaurant about 35 minutes away mostly highway traveling and the darn "No GPS" symbol didnt go off until we were half way there on a open highway on a clear day. Until then it had us driving thru malls, forest preserves etc (we did know the directions anyways). Plus I have plugged in Home just a few minutes away * it sometimes tells me to turn in the opposite direction when there is no other possible way to get there. Should I replace the antenna, or is that how it operates.
  15. Hi, Can someone explain that on my 2008 Edge Limited, is the navigation antenna reception supposed to take awhile before the "no GPS symbol" goes away? On mine, it will stay at the no GPS symbol until I start driving for awhile, then it will finally go away, is that normal. If I start the car & leave it in park, it will stay on. This morning I drove down my block, turned & went a few more blocks before thereception kicked in (clear morning) Also, is that annoying "Agree" message come on everytime you start the navigation? Thanks