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  1. Hey everyone. I'm having an issue with the backup sensors on my Edge. They are not working, and when in reverse the mini message center displays "PA - - -" It flashes "PA <ON>" then it changes to "PA - - -" The sensors are not working. I have read that most people get a "check sensors" message, but I have never seen this, only the "- - -" . Im guessing one of the sensors went bad? Has anyone else seen this message?
  2. jinxkwb

    Backup sensor "PA - - -" Help

    Yes, I am still having the same issue. Though I had the BCM codes checked, and there is a fault with the left sensor. I'm trying to find a replacement sensor, but the prices are outrageous for this particular year. Is there a difference between say: 3F2Z-15K859-BA and 5G1Z-15K8-59A-AA? They look like the same sensor electrically.
  3. jinxkwb

    Backup sensor "PA - - -" Help

    I cant seem to find anywhere that lists that message in the message center.