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  1. Help! I have been facing a problem with my 13 SEL which is a burning smell when hard accelerating ( 3500-5000 rpm) while the AC in on circ. I have taken the vehicle to the agency twice for repair they said that they have done some modification with the exhaust system however problem still exists,have any one faced the same,please advise.
  2. I had the same thing but I noticed that this happens after working hours where the key is left at cold conditions in the office for long time so this affects the battery, you can check if the same happens with you, when you face it again try checking the other buttons may be the alarm if it works or not,if not then my guess is right & it is just cold conditions
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    Ford SEL 2013

    Hi , I have just bought my Ford Edge 2013 SEL, I have some questions about My FORD Touch that requires your assist Is the screen able to display videos as well, if so how? What is the function of the Wi-Fi? How can I use it? Is it capable of playing DVDs as well or only CDs? when playing music through USB , I found 3 yellow lights on the left side, what is their function. Thanks