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  1. So, this noise was being so annoying and last weekend I decided to open up brake myself. (In past I have replaced brake rotors, pads on my old & friends car) I opened up tire & disassembled all the brake parts, Cleaned callipers & brake parks with break cleaner, there was rust on the callipers where break pads move. After cleaning all the rust I applied grease on moving parts (I shouldnt have applied that, but I didnt know what was actual paste kind of thing I should apply). Assembled the parts again and wowwwwwwww.... The annoying noise was gone and it drives like brand new again.. hope it will help someone. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for replying, yea while pressing brake harder there is no noise, possibly it stop quickly and there is not much time I can hear it. It might be due to a loose caliper. The outer side of rotor is pretty smooth like new, couldnt see the inner side without taking tire out. I was wondering its not serious and I can wait till my next service due in a month, will get my brakes checked and tires rotation done.
  3. Hi, I bought an Edge 2011 with 64K KMs 2 months ago from dealership. Dealer said that they did resurfacing of brakes before giving it to me. Whenever I apply brakes softly I hear a clicking noise from driver side wheel. Its a rhythmic noise like something is touching to rotor and making that click noise while it rotates. Anyone has any idea what problem it could be?? Rotors & pads looks good. Thanks in advance