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    Headlight/ Domelight switch

    I went back and checked all 3 of the pertinent fuses (4,10 & 12). All are fine. I did notice, however, that when I hit the switch on the dash (headlight control console that also has the interior “all lights on” switch, the courtesy lights under the left and right mirrors on the outside go on and off. They toggle between on and off with each button push. So, the switch contacts seem fine. Any other suggestions?
  2. I've seen previous posts a while back about this issue, but have seen no solution posted. Here's the problem: About 2 years ago, I went to hit the switch on my dash that turns all of the interior lights on. The interior lights flickered and then went off. I hit the switch a couple more times and every once an a while, the interior lights would flicker. Eventually, the lights were completely unresponsive. Since then, the switch will not turn the lights on at all. I have replaced the switch console and the issue persisted. The lights work if you use the point-of-use switch, but they don't come on when you open the door or use the dashboard switch. I've checked the fuses and relays and all are fine. The dealer looked at (although I don't have any confidence they investigated thoroughly) and they don't have a clue. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. woozin

    Headlight/ Domelight switch

    Did you resolve this? Ive had the same issue for 2 years.