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  1. Bo Keifus

    Cabin Air Filter location ?

    Follow the instructions in the thread. Literally a 5 minute job.
  2. Bo Keifus

    Cabin Air Filter location ?

    Interesting. I cleaned out my screen yesterday (it wasn't that dirty though) but it seems the rear AC still isn't that strong. My AC in the front is super strong though-any suggestions? Again, I've got the base SE..
  3. Bo Keifus

    Cabin Air Filter location ?

    Also, Is anybody's rear air conditioning weak? At full blast, my rear AC is kinda a joke..
  4. Bo Keifus

    Cabin Air Filter location ?

    A little late on this, but I only have the screen in mine as well, no filter. I guess those of us who couldn't afford the auto AC are not worthy of breathing cleaner air..
  5. Bo Keifus

    2012 Edge with AC problems

    My understanding is that mechanics at dealerships are paid a lot more (sometimes double) than those at places like jiffy lube or other hometown shops. Then there's a markup on that, so that's most likely where your cost differential comes from.
  6. Bo Keifus

    2010 Edge FWD-anyone?

    I don't believe I have the MPG meter-I don't have the info, setup or other buttons on the instrument cluster. I say pretty poor mpg mainly because I went through half a tank fairly quickly..will update when I've gone through a full tank. Tires look excellent-they had to have been replaced pretty recently. If there's any real wear on them, they are evenly wearing. Headlamps work pretty well, both high and low.
  7. Bo Keifus

    New-to-me Edge Owner

    3rd Ford-1st was an '88 Tbird, 2nd was an '00 Explorer.
  8. Bo Keifus

    2010 Edge FWD-anyone?

    Hello All, I bought an edge this past week, a 2010 SE with 49K. Reading up on them, most people seem to be pretty happy. My vehicle appears to be pretty well maintained, but I'm just curious... Has anybody not had the PTU leak? I understand that online, people will typically post something bad before something good, but it seems to be a pretty pervasive problem. Any other pointers anyone can give me on what to expect in regards to maintenance? Taking a cursory look at my fluids, the car doesn't appear to need service anytime soon. Primarily this will be my wife's car to take my daughter to school 8 miles a day and then whatever weekend trips we do. Gas mileage appears to be pretty poor, but I didn't get the car on a completely full tank so I'll update when I've ran through an entire tank...
  9. Bo Keifus

    What did you guys pay for your Edge's

    Just picked up my 2010 SE with 49K, paid $13,500, not including taxes and fees..
  10. Bo Keifus

    New-to-me Edge Owner

    Hello All, Just picked up a 2010 Edge SE with 49K on it! Very happy with it, we got a great deal and am looking forward to interacting with other Edge owners!