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  1. I have got calls/texts wondering why the price is so low??? I could raise price or you could offer more if you want. I will work on getting pictures this morning. They are the rims with the black on the inserts. There is nothing wrong with them, just taking up space in garage. Thanks, Kevin.
  2. I have recently sold my Ford Edge. I did not have the Sport package but had to have the 22" rims/tires that came on them. I bought a used set with TPMS sensors on them. The tires were getting wore out so I bought 4 new Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires and mounted them. I decided to sell the car with stock wheels and tires and took off 22's and stacked them in the garage. The new tires have not been mounted on vehicle or even hit the pavement. We bought a ford flex so 22's are no longer needed. Anyone interested can call/text me at 248-217-9844. First person to come up with $1600. Thanks, Kevin.
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