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    Service AdvanceTrac

    Hello, I have found that my 2011 sport has started doing the same thing, but only when I am driving it and come to a complete stop. Can you provide any photos of the areas where these sensors are located so I can inspect/clean them up to see if that takes care of the problem explained? Any information is greatly appreciated and thank you!
  2. daveski

    New Mass Air Sensor

    So question as I am reading through these forums. Are you saying that if you have a cold air intake and something like a JET Mass Airflow sensor that you will not notice any difference? How can they stand behind and guarantee there produce if it does not work? Soo Soo confused!!
  3. Thank you for your kind and prompt response. Yes,I do agree however sometimes that reminder can be annoying especially if you are just moving that vehicle around in the driveway.
  4. Hello! I am a first time user on this forum. I recently purchased a 2011 Ford Edge Sport and am wondering if anyone has any idea as to how to disable the seat belt minder on this vehicle for the user manual is only specific to the use of the ingintion type Edges. To those who respond, I appreciate all of your feedback and will be in touch soon!