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  1. Does anyone have a link to instructions on removing the center console in a 2011 SE? I have to install a new airbag module and need th console out. I've searched but haven't found anything helpful.
  2. I just installed a set of eBay DRLs on the wife's edge. They look just like factory ones but have turn signal function like the drive brites. I have all wires spliced except for one that requires an ACC wire that is hot with the ignition. Can any of y'all suggest which wire to use. The supplied lead is approx 1' foot long from the battery.
  3. Thanks for all the help. Ended up testing them and using #89. Didn't realize that there were some that were unused.
  4. Any idea of which number may not have a fuse but have power?
  5. Closest dealer is about 1.5 hrs away. I just need an ignition switched wire to get me by for the time being.