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  1. It's happened in the parking garage a few times, once in the home garage and once outside on the dealerships lot. The dealership wants to look at the vista roof motor now to see if there are any faults in it. Thanks for the discussions.
  2. I have no plans of trying to fix it myself/ electrical background. The car is still at the dealership under evaluation(wait until it pops open again). If it was an issue with the fuse that would have been flagged through their system, correct?
  3. I have a 2011 edge and just noticed that the vista roof will open to the vent position after it has been parked for a couple hours. This has happened about ten times of the past month. It happens irregularly. II do not have the window or vent package like the mix where you hold the lock button down. Dealership doesn't get any flags when it's run through the computer.