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    2007 EDGE PCM no Communication

    Hi here, maybe someone has an solution! I had changed my Battery yesterday and since that the ANTI theft Light is on all the Time and Car can not Start.. So use my Diagnostic tool to find out whats happen. All Systems fine, but can not reach the PCM,ABS and AIRBAG Computers anymore.. So dind someone now how too reset that Thing?? Or any Idea will help.. thanks Max from Europe
  2. cnnontario

    Electrik issue

    Hi everyone. Cause of legal issues in Europe i need amber turn signals in the taillight. As you know, the 07 got a combinatet red turn/stop light. My plan is as follow: I disconnect the turn/stop wire from the taillight. The high mounted stop light wire will be connectet to the tail light, so that i got a true isolated stop light harness. The original turn/stop light wire shall be connected to an additional flasher, which will be mounted at the rear. The prob is, how do i cut off the regular stop signal from the combinated stop/turn wire? I just found a wiring diagram for my 07 but this will not show how I can fix it. The new Edge has the right taillights and wire harness. Is wiring for the 07 similar to the 13.14?