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  1. Welp she was turned in today. I really enjoyed her while I had her and it'll make a nice used car for the next owner. She was very well taken care of. I took out my WeatherTech mats, vacuumed, and threw in the original mats. Looks like the day it rolled off the line. I'll probably be posting the mats for sale in the classified section and that'll be all for me here. To all that have helped with questions....thanks. Great community here. You may see me in the future when it is time for my next ride. Still own my Mustang so will always be a Ford guy. Good Luck.
  2. Another thing I'll miss is the keypad entry. That really does come in handy when I would run out to the car to grab something and I forgot my fob. I probably used that a few times a week. With Uconnect Go I do have the option to unlock from my phone, but that doesn't really solve the problem. AND it can take 30 seconds for the unlock to actually happen. Not sure why other manufacturers don't use keypads.
  3. Disclaimer. I'm coming from the Sync (2?) system in my '15 Edge and the Sync system in my '11 Mustang. I can't compare this to Sync 3. So far I really like it. It is FAST. Typing stuff in to the text areas is super quick. It is easy to find things, to make changes, etc. Since Sirius/XM is free I'm using that again and the way you can browse through it is awesome. And the ability to block channels so they don't even show up while scrolling is awesome. If Sync 3 isn't a huge leap from Sync 2....then this infotainment system is definitely better. It is like comparing a cheap chinese knockoff android based tablet from 2005 to a new iPad Pro. The UConnect thing is cool. I can remote start, lock/unolock, locate my car, and have my car honk it's horn from my PC or phone. Android Auto is OK. Probably the same in Sync. Not a fan of it taking over my phone. But it will be handy when I'm trying to navigate somewhere that I found on my phone. Just plug it in the USB and the google maps Navi pops up on the screen. It'll do Waze too. UConnect allows you to send a destination to your car from your phone also. I HATED using the Nav in Sync. So slow to type things in. With this one I don't think I'd mind because of how fast it is to respond.
  4. Thanks. I'm sure I'll enjoy it. One thing I will for sure miss is the ride of the Edge. It felt more like a car than an SUV. Loved the throttle response and shifting. Felt very smooth to me. The GC has these automatic eco settings engaged which are manually disengaged each time you start it. Also, the 'Auto Stop' thing where it shuts the engine off when stopped. It is annoying and has to be manually disengaged after each start. There is a hack you can buy that plugs in to the vehicle that'll remember the settings. But wish Jeep just allowed that to be disabled via the settings. So far that is my only complaint.
  5. Was able to land a good deal for the Grand Cherokee. Picked her up yesterday. Will probably be selling my WeatherTech (Front/Rear) mats and Yakima Q-Tower/Q-Clips (roof rack base) from the Edge in the coming weeks.
  6. So I've been talking with some dealers on getting in to another lease for a comparable car. The prices are just ridiculous. I got one quote for $780/mth LOL. I have always had a thing for Grand Cherokees so I went in and test drove one. Talked to a sales guy who wasn't pushy at all and made some decent offers for a lease. More within acceptable pricing IMO. Looks like I'll make a switch for a few years. Buying the Edge sounded nice. I love the car. But when I started factoring in upcoming costs (Tires, hitch, etc) it just doesn't seem like the right move for me. So for now the plan is to jump in a Grand Cherokee Limited (Sterling).
  7. MFT is not an issue since I haven't used anything newer. I have the same system in my other car too. So far...knock on wood...I've haven't had any major issues with my 2015. But you are right...it all comes down to value. Just waiting to hear back on some lease prices for a comparable Sport (2018) and then I'll decide the best route.
  8. I would have to find one significantly cheaper with a few less miles that was local before considering something like that.
  9. I've never been dinged on a lease turn in. Usually I'm dealing with the dealer on a new car so from their angle it isn't a good idea to start nickle and diming me on dumb stuff. And if a 3rd party wanted to get super anal, I'd push back until a fair deal was reached.
  10. Not concerned about that. I take real good care of my car and know of only one possible issue that I'd have fixed up before turning it in.
  11. So lease end is April. I think by then I'll have 30k max on the clock. 2015 Sport AWD. 401A. Like the I said before $26k buyout. Been talking to some dealers and haven't seen any lease numbers that really get me excited. So I may stick with my plan of buying this one. I've been happy with it.
  12. If you don't like that style of anchor, they also make something similar that you bolt under your hood: https://www.storeyourboard.com/malone-hood-loops-tie-down-anchor-strap/
  13. You can do some searching to see what others have done. I have the Yakima Q-Towers on my 2016 Edge (No moonroof) and it works great. Some people with moonroofs have asked this question before and I've provided pictures with height measurements. A little searching and you should find the info.
  14. WingNut

    Backup camera

    This was my first thought. Given my Edge is white, I think that coupled with the lights from the rear are tricking it in to thinking it is bright out.
  15. WingNut

    Backup camera

    I noticed on my 15 if that I turn my headlamps/parking lamps off while being in reverse at night, it makes it a lot easier to see behind me. With my lights on, the reverse camera at night is tough to see. My mustang (2011) doesn't have this issue.