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  1. I own an early model 09' Edge, purchased in 01/09. I have a broken "Tone Ring", (a small break between the teeth), on the front driver's side hub. I removed the wheel to verify this. Naturally I now have 3- warning lights showing on my dash, ABS, Anti-Skid & a Wrench (icon). After weeks of searching the web for this particular 'tone ring', it's not available for an 09' Ford Edge. Other Ford's have this 'tone ring available for about $10.-$15. Takes about 1-hr. to replace, ( drive the old ring off & press the new one on). On Ford's that do not have this ring available your required to buy the entire "Half-Shaft" at a cost from $150. - $250. (auto parts store). Apparently, these rings are an integral part of the "Half-Shaft" & must be sold as a hole unit. I can visually see the broken ring on my vehicle, (it's not an integral part), & it would be very easy to access this piece & pry it off & press on a new one, (if one was available). Here's my question, has anyone else encountered this issue & ended-up with a better solution. I'm open to all ideas or solutions, even a web link, name, address or ph.#. Spending an absorbent amount of money for a very inexpensive fix seems ridiculous. This problem started last fall, I live in the Midwest, I drove this car all winter in snow & ice & the vehicle handled beautifully, but starring at those idiot lights become very annoying! I regret paying the extra $1500. for these features. If you read clear to this point, I want to thank you & I hope someone can be of help! Thanks. I own an early model 09.doc