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  1. I have a 2013 ford edge sport with 30,500 miles. First problem, leak PTU, needed fully replaced at 18k miles. Second problem, every time shifted into park and shut off vehicle, warning light came on, beeped/blinked. Had to repeatedly restart my car, shift into gear, then back into park and shut off vehicle. Had to repeat this 3-4 times I go to park. Result, Ford replaced my entire shifter. Third problem and LAST, just last week PTU went out again, leaking like crazy and fully replaced. Just got my car back today. Car only has 30,500 miles. Going to trade off and never buy a ford again. Funny thing, was I originally bought a ford because I thought they were American made, tough, reliable cars. Definitely proved me wrong. I loved this car, put money into additional accessories and blacked it out. Unfortunately, I'm going to get rid of it now and buy a Toyota or a Honda. Just stinks that most cars nowadays are just junk all together. I would not recommend buying this vehicle.
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