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  1. I can’t speak to your exact model, but my 2015 was like that, they had to reload some software and it was fine after that.
  2. Had to get the dealer to re-install some software, work as it should now.
  3. That's exactly what mine does, just opens the front windows. Again thanks.
  4. Thanks, that's what I was thinking, just wasn't sure I was missing something. I have another question for you, can you open and close the windows with the remote? I can only open them and only the windows not the roof.
  5. Should say I can't select either of those options. And remote start does work.
  6. Remote start is on. System is checked, but I can't move to the other catagories, they just show in white but I can't move to them to change anything
  7. I can't set Manual or Auto
  8. When I go to the settings I have the following catagories, 1: Climate Control and 2: Drivers Seat or Seat and Wheel. But I can't set the values
  9. I have a new 2015 Titanium Edge with the remote start option. The manual says you can set the AC and heat to manual or automatic, when I go into the settings I have the categories for these but it won't let me set them. Been back to the dealer twice and all they say is "I don't know". Anyone have any suggestions?