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    2013 Ford Edge Limited

    I bought the premium warranty package. I was told it was the top of the line. As far as codes, the dealer keeps saying there are no codes and we can't reproduce the situation. Do you think another Ford dealer or authorized dealer would help? Could you please tell me what FordService is? I called Ford direct and they said someone will get back to me and here I sit!
  2. Cheryl Hurlburt

    Anyone have computer problems?

    Help Please, I've lost my confidence on the security and safety of my 2013 Ford Edge Limited! Has anyone had any problems in those areas? Cheryl (My car's name is Yogi - (It's the Kodiak Brown version). (computer + collision avoidance + blind spot + auto wipers)
  3. Cheryl Hurlburt

    2013 Ford Edge Limited

    Hi there, Thankyou for the response. My 2013 was in a carwash on the 17th of June and this crept up just before the 4th of July weekend. I did read something on the web showing that 2010 to 2012 Edges were having problems with water and if I remember right, they had to replace the computers. If moisture is possibly causing this, that makes sense. They keep saying "It didn't show a code" and "we can't reproduce the problem.' I wish I could find out if this is happening elsewhere.
  4. Cheryl Hurlburt

    2013 Ford Edge Limited

    Hi, My car only has 12,000 miles on it and it has been sitting in the dealers shop for 3 days now. The blind spot sensors keep coming on when there is no one around. The automatic rain sensing wipers will not come on when its raining always without switching them to manual and sometimes they come on when the window is perfectly dry. Driving to work the other morning going @ 30mph on a 4 lane road, I was on the inside lane with no one in front of me and there was a car in the outside lane about 3 cars ahead in the other lane and all of a sudden the red lights on the dash from the collision avoidance started flashing and chimes going along with the brakes came on long enough to make me skid little bit. The dealer is saying they can't re-produce the situations and the computer is not showing codes. Is there anyone having any of those problems. I'm scared to drive it or depend on the safety features. Cheryl