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  1. my wife took her edge to the dealer due to A/C issues. after doing a diagnostic it was told to us that both the left and right actuators are bad. I am unsure of the location of both blend doors but have been told that it is a pretty easy fix if i can find them. anyone have any ideas as to the location of these? I know on some vehicles one is behind the glove compartment, other than that i'm not sure where to look. thanks for any info.
  2. jbouler

    Mode door actuator???

    So I have to change the actuators out and upon receiving the two actuators, I noticed, the numbers don't match the stock actuator. Does this create a problem or are they universal?
  3. jbouler

    blend door actuator location?

    thanks.....i'm hoping these are them. i've gotta look at it as soon as i get back from work. all i know is, the dealership said it's the left and right acuators. she was having hot air on the passengers side and rear of the vehicle and on the drivers side it was cold. she tried to change the temp but the temp stayed the same. hopefully it will be an easy fix.