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    Blower motor speed changing on own

    Sammy yes I did. I used the PDF WWWPerfA_ZN0W provided and I believe I changed out both parts. The blower and other. Took about 30 45 minutes maybe. I'm sorry, I thought I came back and updated the post. Good Luck!
  2. Well I was trying to avoid getting the dealership to do this. Picked up an extra fob and noticed in the manual it says when the other 2 are detected you can program a 3rd. Well I put the 3rd fob in the slot buttons down. Then do the unlock 3 times, then brake once, the lock 3 times then brake once. The Start Button then begins to flash just like in the manual. You are supposed to then hit that within 1 min and get a message on the screen, the pull out the 3rd fob and hit the unlock button. Everything works great, however I get no message on display when hitting the start button. It just flashes and flashes until I guess it times out. Anyone have an idea? thx Carito
  3. carito

    Blower motor speed changing on own

    Thanks. I will take a look at that. Today it didnt seem to act up as much other than not liking to stay on high for a long time. But at least it worked. Super hot outside.
  4. Hello. 2013 Limited. Started today. I normally keep the AC on auto. The blower has always made a faint ticking. Almost like a tiny piece of paper on the fan. Well today, while driving the speed just tapered off. I checked and it was all the way up. I turned off auto and lowered the fan speed and then back to full fan and it came back on. A few minutes later the fan speed started to basically slightly increase from fast to slower and back. Not full to stop, but enough to notice. Then it just quit. Nothing. Well just happened to be taking son to park and pulled over. When I got in to leave, the AC came back on and was working. The fan speed is still modulating though. I CAN slow it down and speed it up fine using the controls so that seems ok. But when on high it gradually goes to about medium and will then increase and decrease and I dont think its staying really on high when set to Low. Anyhow, anyone know what I would change out?? It's 100f outside and want to get it before it completely stops working. I have read about replacing the blower, or in some cars a capacitor or resistor? Anyone know if a new blower would contain either of those? I've changed this stuff out before in other cars so unless its NASA stuff, I'd like to save a few bucks and DIY and buying the right thing. This car only has 72k miles on it. Thanks!
  5. Perfect thx for the link. Exactly what I needed.
  6. Thx Enigma. Pretty sure, I will check tomorrow that even opening it you have to hold the button the entire time. Opening is ok. Dont really mind that. But Im concerned reading about all the motor issues. Do you know if that carries over to 2013 year. Seems a lot of the posts were 2011 etc. Perhaps its normal but seems slow to close to me. Takes about 18 seconds for the glass to completly close from open.
  7. 2013 Edge Limited I bought this and it has one of those blue ox tow bars installed through the grill. It doesnt look too bad but it makes a squeak somewhere in there so I'd like to remove it. Looks like this http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Ox-BX88178-Adapter-RoadMaster/dp/B000BGOFF4 Anyways when it was installed they cut out part of the black cross section looking grill insert for the parts to stick through. I found a video on how to install so I can remove it, but was wondering if anyone knows if I can just buy and replace the black grill inset part ? Ive looked online and cant seem to find this. Partly because I am not too sure what just that one part is called. I certainly would not want to have to buy the entire front part of the car. I dont want to take it all apart and then put it all back together leaving the holes cut in the plastic. Thx!
  8. Ive seen some of the other threads on this but have a question. So Ive seen the re-initilization process and the how to cleaning the tracks video and about the motors in the older edges seeming to be too weak and failing. My vista roof opens fine and starts closing fine. But then about the time it gets to the popup window deflector it slows a lot. I just hit 60K and have had the car only about 2 months. Does anyone know if this is now "normal" or should it close the same speed it opens? I checked the tracks and they are cleaned and freshly greased. Guessing dealer did prior to purchase. Im afraid from reading posts on here that the motor will eventually fail. It seems to me that from pressing down on the popup shade this adds quite a bit of resistance. Is there any reason that is needed? Wouldnt removing that thing and simply adding a low profile wind deflector help a lot so there isnt the resistance? Is the re-initialization pricess only for fixing the not closing all the way? Mine does close all the way. Also this is the 1st car Ive had where I have to hold the button down the ENTIRE time for the thing to both open and close. Is there not supposed to be a 1 touch to open and close like the drivers door window ? Thx