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    Oil change time!

    Would my 09 have that Oil Change gauge as well?
  2. Shitmagnet

    Chrome is going away

    How hard was it to get the grill off?
  3. Shitmagnet

    Chrome is going away

    I did the same to mine, looks great man!
  4. Shitmagnet


    Looks good man!
  5. Shitmagnet

    Hello from Ontario

    Nice, enjoy man!
  6. Shitmagnet


    Looks good man, I'm thinking of doing the roof spoiler too in black. Nice edge man!
  7. Shitmagnet

    New to Forum with my New to Me 2009 Edge Limited

    Thank you Sir, I appreciate it! Just wanted to make it a little different, and my son and I had a blast Dipping it! Probably going to do the back roof spoiler Black as well as the window moldings, then it will be done...For now!
  8. Shitmagnet

    My Edge Limited

    Just a few photos of my baby!
  9. I bought this 2009 Edge Limited 2 months ago, and I love it. The best car I've ever owned I just Plastii-Dipped the Rims, Grill, and part of the Fog Light assembly.. What do you guys think? If anyone has any tips or things to look for, feel free to chime in. Looking forward to reading all the great info on here!