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  1. Man its been very hot here in michigan lately. I have the typical garage arrangement with kids. NO ROOM for anything of mine. Would like to install window vents. Anybody have a fav. brand. Thanks deweydaddy
  2. DeweyDaddy

    deweydaddy's test

    Thanks Grey. I plan on taking some adult ed classes for the basics this spring/fall.
  3. DeweyDaddy

    deweydaddy's test

    If this works I really got lucky! I truly am a novice as this is my first computer.
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    Here Goes

    Just a few days into my first forum. This is a test. So please have patience with me Also thanks to Lex for kind words. deweydaddy
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    Edge owner for 24 hrs.

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    Excited about our new Edge!

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    Edge owner for 24 hrs.

    :hyper: Picked it up yesterday. Already threw a wash on it for the weekend. Can't wait to get some drive time in it. Also I'am a first timer for any kind of forum chatting/reading. Looking foward to reading posts.I'll most likely start off with a 2" hitch. Deweydaddy