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    Cooling & Heating Issue

    Just to clarify, when I say the fans aren't working only when it cold starts, I mean the car will over heat because of this. No matter how hot the engine gets, they don't kick on until I've turned it off once (and usually I'll let it cool a bit before turning back on). Once I've turned it back on (after engines warmed), they kick on normally (either when hot or when I turn the AC On). I've double checked connections to be sure there's not a miss anywhere. But I do have 187k miles on the car, so it's very possible some parts are going out. I think it was Dorman. Everything looked alike from the unit I took out, including fan control module where fans plug into. Thanks for the help. I'll try to test some of this stuff before I go to work today. Also, heater blows air, just not hot unless the engines over heating (even then it doesn't always get hot). Doesn't matter where it's blowing (floor, panels, defrost, etc). It's the automatic climate control ( think?). No leaves or anything clogging the intake by the windshield.
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    Cooling & Heating Issue

    2008 EDGE 2WD Limited with tow package (V6) I have already: had coolant flushed (changed thermostat at the same time), replaced entire fan assembly including fan module control, checked fuses (no relay). Symptoms: heater blows cold. Thought thermostat was sticking Off/on at first because it overheated just for a moment then went back to normal. After changing thermostat, heater worked for about a day, then the car overheated again, and heater started blowing cold. Figured Out fans weren't turning on (tested by hot wiring). Just put new assembly in today (was very easy, btw!) and fans aren't staying on consistently. It's worth noting before completely going out, previous fans were intermittently going out also. Had to put the car in neutral (or pull over if possible) and turn the ignition off/on a few times to get them to turn on. Other things that can affect the fans turning on: CHT Sensor which goes to the PCM, and another cord goes from PCM to Fan Control Module. However, I don't think either of these would impact the heater right? As far as I can tell, since changing the fans the only time they don't turn on as they're supposed to is on initial cold start. Once the engine starts to get hot & I turn it off (usually leave the heater blowing without the engine on for a few), I can turn it back on and fans kick on right away. Because I had to work today, this has only happened twice. Every other time I've started it, the engine was already somewhat warm and there was no problem. Maybe there are 2 separate issues happening by coincidence? A friend of mine thinks there may be an air bubble from when the coolant was flushed. Tomorrow morning I also plan to watch it as it warms up on the first start (so I'm ready if it over heats) to test the plug going to the fan control module. Once it's warm, gonna try to check the hoses to/from the heater core to be sure it's not clogged. Same friend Also said he had similar problems a while back on a different vehicle & ended up having to replace the radiator. Any easy way to test that?